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Day by day it is becoming more and more hectic to check our emails. Every time I open it, I get around 200 new mails to read. Looking for a single mail in 200 new mails  is a lengthy and tiring job. I used to think how wonderful would that be, when I open my inbox and all the mails which I feel like reading open up and the other ones go automatically to junk mails. This so called dream came true when Google announced its priority inbox feature. Another innovative feature introduced by Google. It is not exactly as I used to dream about, but it is similar to it.

priority inbox

This feature can be found on the top right corner of your Gmail account (when logged in). This feature as the name suggests, priorities the mails coming into the inbox. For example out of the 200 mails I get every day, the first thing I want to do is read all messages sent by my boss. So what Google does is, it automatically put my boss’s mail into the category of important and unread mail. It does this by making a note of all the mails I used to read and reply the most, it classifies them as important. There are also mails which are not exactly junk mails and are also not important known as bologna by Google, and it identifies these mails as mails which I rarely open up, these mails comes under the category of everything else. There is another category called starred, which stores all the messages marked by the user.

We can also choose manually for mails that should be coming under important and unread, apart from that chosen by Google, by going into the priority inbox settings.


  • Easy navigation thorough mails
  • Saving of time
  • Spams which are sent into the inbox of user by using codes will be differentiated as it will come under everything else category.

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  1. In all means a real innovative idea this priority inbox..helps us by prioritizing emails…very useful for people like me who get 100’s of email a day

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