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There are certainly a variety of iPods available in the market these days but these popular Apple music devices are basically identified as iPod generations. The trend of iPods started way back with the introduction of the iPod 1st Generation and the technology has gone as far as 6.5 G. Here we take a look at the first 4 generations of the iPod and what these Apple music devices have been offering users over the years.

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Apple iPod Touch 1st Generation

The 1st Generation iPod touch has great new applications that make it even better. Movies rented from iTunes can easily be watched on this iPod. Rich HTML emails, even containing photos and graphics can easily be viewed on it. With the 1st Generation iPod touch, users could find all the music they could ever desire right under the album covers. Using the iTunes Store, TV shows, movies, and music can all be directly downloaded to the iPod. In spite of being a portable device, the 1st Generation iPod touch offers such impressive video quality on its 3.5-inch display like never seen before. Watching widescreen or full screen movies on this iPod touch is no big deal.

Apple iPod Touch 2G

The Apple iPod Touch 2G on the other hand has been particularly appreciated for its Nike+ iPod integration. The iPod 2G is particular popular among runners due to being thin enough that it can fit in an arm or waist band. The iPod Touch 2G also offers some very appealing apps, especially the gaming apps that are particularly captivating. What actually makes the iPod Touch 2G much more preferable even than the iPod Touch 3G is the fact that at an affordable price, it precisely offers similar features.

Apple iPod Touch 3G

The introduction of the iPod touch 3G was definitely quite a technological advancement in the iPod technology and quite a lot of people were surprised by the performance of the new device. Much like the iPod Touch 2G, the third generation iPod was physically just the same. The speed of the 32GB and 64GB iPod touch 3G models was also significantly boosted. These models of the iPod touch 3G in fact contained processors alike those present in the iPhone 3GS. A 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen is featured in the iPod touch 3G with a 320 x 480 screen resolution. 6 hours of video playback and up to 30 hours of audio playback is claimed by Apple to be offered by the Apple iPod touch 3G.

Apple iPod Touch 4G

Even though the iPod 4G is a much advanced device than the 3rd generation model, it still does not seem to be able to beat its predecessor, which is considered a premium MP3 player. A much thinner physical design is boasted by the iPod 4G. The device also features a super-sharp Retina display and is powered up by an A4 processor.

Thus for music lovers, the iPod Touch 1st Generation, iPod Touch 2G, the iPod Touch 3G and the iPod 4G are certainly memorable gadgets. Soon Apple iPod Touch 5G will be released by Apple.

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  1. Akshay Jain says:

    Hey, Nice post. Even I m also thinking to buy an Ipod. But not able to decide which one?

    Can you tell me the price of Ipod 3g?

  2. shenoyjoseph says:

    i also decided to buy iPod touch 4G but it was to expensive 8GB model at 16k price in India. with that price we buy excellent high end android phone 🙂

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