Flipkart Cashback Offers November 2015 HDFC, SBI, Citibank

Flipkart CashBack Offers June 2015 : There is no denying about the fact that Flipkart has stood out to be an esteemed e-commerce site in India on which you can rely, considering their rich past records. It offers mind-blowing and awesome cashback as well as discount offers to its ever increasing and reputed customers across wide range of products spreading different varieties. Visit the link below to avail the best flipkart credit card offers for June 2015 for famous banks like HDFC bank, SBI, Axis Bank, Citibank, ICICI bank and Standard Chartered.

Flipkart Offers Page

Flipkart cashback or more commonly known as flipkart bank offers are available for number of categories including but not limited to smartphones, mobiles, laptops, camera, other electronics, fashion products, books, clothing, footwear and the list goes on and on.

As a reputed company which does its best towards facilitating its customers  towards awesome features, additionally, it gives cashback offers and bank coupons to attract more and more users to use the site and their mobile application.

Flipkart Cashback offers November 2015

Considering the sea of captivating cashback offers, if you want to know whether you can avail these offers on internet banking, debit cards or credit cards of specific banks or all of them, then the answer is simple. Flipkart offers cashback offers and coupons for all major banks.

For current year  i.e  2015 users holding a valid debit card or credit card or using internet banking of HDFC bank, ICICI bank, Axis Bank State bank of India or SBI, Standard Chartered,  Kotak Mahindra and Amex Card holders.

Flipkart HDFC offers for credit and debit card users

If you own a HDFC credit or a debit card, then you can avail an assured 5% cashback, provided if you do minimum purchase of Rs 7,500. If you happen to purchase home electronics, then you can get an additional 10% cashback. You can have maximum of Rs. 2000 cashback per card. The offer can be availed from 5th June to 8th June 2015.

Claim Flipkart HDFC Offer

The above HDFC bank offer can be used with any existing offer or discount applicable on all the products available on Flipkart. Users can even get this additional discount on number of exchange offers available during Flipkart Home Electronic Sale.

Flipkart SBI offers and coupons

SBI is one of the best banks in India, it is a Government bank and offers huge cashback discounts on online shopping. State Bank of India also has a separate reward cards which users can get in order to make the best out of their online shopping experience. From 22 june 205 to 26 june 2015 SBI bank is offering additional 10% discount to all the credit or debit card holders.

Users just need to buy the products on Flipkart and make sure that they pay using the SBI credit card in order to avail the offer. The offer is valid for EMI purchases as well and you can combine it with any existing offers like extra 30% discount on Televisions to avail this offer.

Flipkart ICICI Bank Credit card offers

ICICI bank is one of the least favorite banks for online shoppers. They hardly offer any discount or schemes to their prestigious credit card users. But this time they are trying to improve their customer satisfaction by giving users 10% cashback when they buy anything on Flipkart using the VISA or mastercard credit or debit card issued by the bank. This scheme can be availed by the card holders till 22 May 2015.

Flipkart Axis Bank offer

If you own an Axis Bank credit or debit card and looking forward to buy any product from Flipkart, now is the best time to do so. Flipkart has tied up with Axis Bank to offer their card holders additional 10% discount for two days i.e 25 may 2015 and 26 may 2015. During this special offers users will be able to claim maximum Rs 2000 as cashback in the form of discount. Even net banking users can avail this offer and get discount.

Flipkart Citibank offers

Do you own a citibank rewards card or a normal credit card? If yes then today is your lucky day. Flipkart has decided to offer 10% discount and 10 times more reward points to citibank credit card holders. This offer is valid from 8th june 2015 to 12 june 2015. Users can get a maximum cashback of Rs 1500 per transaction on a single card.

American Express Credit card offers

Amex or American Express credit cards are used by top corporate people or premium users as they have a high annual fees. But with great price comes great advantages. They offer lot of cashback discounts and coupons to their card holders on regular basis. This time they are offering a whooping 15% discount to users who buy products worth Rs 7500 or more from flipkart. This is valid for both normal and corporate Amex credit cards.

Flipkart VISA Debit card offer

Don’t own a credit card? or there is no special offer on your bank’s credit card? Don’t worry Flipkart has first time introduced VSIA debit card offers for the users where they can get 5% additional discount on shopping using Flipkart Mobile App. Users need to save the VISA debit card in the mobile app and make the payment for products using the card in order to get 5% discount. Users will be able to get benefit from this scheme from 1 May to 25 May 2015.

Flipkart Standard chartered card offer

Standard chartered card holders can finally get some additional discount on Flipkart. This offer is valid for users who purchase products on flipkart through their Standard Chartered credit card or debit cards. The customers will be eligible for money return of 10% if they use their card and even the internet banking users can get this limited time offer. Here, a maximum of Rs 2000/- can be availed in the form of befit. The offer is valid from 4th jan 2015 to 6th jan 2015. Users will get the discount in the form of instant cashback discount.

Flipkart Cashback offer on mobiles

In such a technological advanced world, where smart phones have literally become an important necessity, we have the most obvious and prominent habit of changing our phones or periodical basis. Say for instance in 1 to 2 years or even less, if we happen to see a hot deal online, or anywhere else. As we talk about online, Flipkart is the perfect platform for providing hot offers in terms of discounts on mobile phones. As it has become the most appropriate place which sells smart phones at an unbelievably low rate.

It sells thousands of mobile phones on daily basis and in order to further boost its already brisk business, it has come up with amazing cashback offers along with awesome discounts.

There is a vast range of mobile phones on Flipkart, quite like there are innumerable offers too. There are such a wide range of awesome and renowned brands such as Asus, LG, Sony and Motorola, HTC, Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung and not forget to mention Nokia. You can choose the desired phone of your favorite model, in no time.

Therefore, the available deal is like a “hot” one, where you shouldn’t wait any further in literally grabbing the offer. As besides plenty of choices, you are also going to get huge discount offers as well. Roughly, it provides 15% cashback, but in few of the cases, the offer can even go beyond that as well.

For activating cashback on mobiles, click here to activate

Avail Rs 2000 discount on Moto G (2nd Gen)

You can avail Moto G at Rs. 10,999 on Flipkart. However, you will be eligible for additional 10% cashback, in the event if you use HDFC card.

Spend Rs. 10,999 and get Moto G (2nd Generation)

Don’t wait or else you have to spend more after June, 2015 as the price is going up


Technology has made things smaller and better.  So, if you are looking to buy a branded laptop at the cost which you can afford, then believe me, Flipkart is the most suited option. Mostly, all the brands give you discount of 5% with the inclusion of EMI offer for selective banks namely ICICI bank, HDFC, Citibank, Axis bank credit card holders. Flipkart opens the world where you can buy the laptops of the well known brands in the form of Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, Apple, Asus, and Toshiba along with many more.

So, if you are on the lookout of Laptop for your personal use, official use or you want to gift to someone, then you will literally be pampered with the number of choices coming at your way along with immense number of discount offers, which you are promised to get as well.

Save up to 5% on Laptops

Cash Back on tablets

Discounts, discounts and more of it. As you will literally dive into the world of discounts the moment, you buy tablets and gadgets on Flipkart.

Your decision to buy tablet or electronic gadget from Flipkart will turn out to be the most fruitful and intelligent one. Along with the same, you can also buy iPads along with other accessories at a mind-blowing rate. If you are looking to exchange your old phone with a new one, then you can also do the same. As it lets you save a lot of your hard earned money.

Get eligible for money back offers on Tablets

Flipkart gives you the opportunity to literally dive into the sea of offers and discounts as you buy TVs. As buying online will help you with up to 15% money return.

Get up to 15% off on television

Offer available on clothes

Flipkart offers the best option for buying the most appropriate and exotic latest collection of apparels. There are so many offers which are going on, for the clothing of men and women and you can simply avail such hot offers.

If you are a book reader, then Flipkart ought to be the most obvious choice for you. The website houses wide variety of books cutting across various genres and you can simply purchase in just a click, at whopping discounts. Need I say anything more about the awesome platform where sky is the limit, when it comes to discounts?

Offers available with cameras

There are cash back offers of 10% on specific digital cameras. Along with the same, you can also get free SD cards, with other camera accessories such as camera pouch. There is a long list of branded cameras, and you can choose from the list such as that of Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony etc. If you into photography and wanting to capture some of the most precious moments in style, then you can buy lenses, tripods along with other accessories of the camera, thanks to the awesome available hot deals which are waiting for you.

Get daily hot deals at Flipkart offers zone

You will never be short of hot discounts and offers, if you are with Flipkart. Apart from the mentioned offers, there are others as well which you can browse through Flipkart’s offer zone where you will be able to get whopping discount coupons catering to wide variety of different category products.

A sneak peak on what constitutes Flipkart cashback offers

Cashback offers stand out to be the best way to save your hard earned money while you shop. It basically lets you save a part of your spending which in return can be used for doing shopping in future

Usually, it entails two types of cashback offers:-

  • Instant cashback – Instant cashback according to its name is the amount which is immediately credited to you. Here you will get the discount before making the final payment. You just need to pay the discounted price.
  • Cashback after few days – After few months, a part of your spending is credited back to your account. In this case you will get the discount as cashback amount credited to your bank account usually after a month.

The procedure to claim Flipkart cashback offers

It is indeed a child’s play to claim Flipkart cash back offers. What you need to do is to add products to the cart and check out, and then select your appropriate payment method

The moment you type your debit or credit card number, cashback will be prominently displayed in the order page. If you want to always get periodical updates regarding the amazing prevalent deals which are being introduced from time to time, then you can bookmark the page. This will help you to always get requisite updates. Along with the same, you can equally subscribe for alerts with respect to offers and deals.

What all you need to know about Flipkart?

In such a fast paced world, where humans have literally become machines, finding time for oneself has become quite difficult, quite like taking out time for doing shopping etc. There has been a sea change now, especially with respect to the traditional way where we used to shop from taking out time from our busy schedules and searching every other shop for the best available deals. After all, the online world has literally revolutionized the whole scenario. Now, shopping is preferably done within few clicks as whether it is the payment of bills, or finding the most exotic furniture, every single thing is done at the click of a mouse. The same thing can be widely seen with e-commerce websites as its craze is increasing on daily basis.

Flipkart has become the most obvious and preferred choice, thanks to its exotic services. It has gained huge success, since the year of its birth that is 2007.

A shop which gives you everything

You just need to name the product and it will available, be it bags, stationery, books, accessories, footwears, personal care along with lifestyle products. As you click on the product, you can be a proud owner of the products hailing from top notch brands where you have innumerable options at your service.

Deals and offers which you possibly can’t refuse

It is a well known natural thing, that customers are always “wow” at the sight of new offers, discounts as well as cash back offers. Since that means that the customers would be saving a lot of their hard earned money. Flipkart is known towards coming up with various such offers on periodical basis.

In the event, when there are various cashback offers available, hence it necessitates the customer to carefully go through the different offers before cornering down the most appropriate one, in order to make the best of the available opportunity.

Flipkart knows the way to do business, since these cash back offers, give enough reasons for the customers to regularly get attracted to such a reputed company. Thus, it enhances and cements the bond amongst its customers.

Flipkart is widely known towards providing the best of offers and deals. All of such offers give “wow” moments to its reputed and esteemed customers. Sales are quite synonymous here and occasionally you get flat 50% off on different categories. Online shoppers are quite attracted with Flipkart fashion sale. The esteemed customers get the convenience of selecting those offers and deals which attract them and they can avoid the rest.

Categories and brands which are available

If there is a mention about the products which are there with Flipkart, then it is literally endless.

You can avail the products from brands namely that of Adidas, Puma, FCUK, Biba, Rocio, Gini & Jony, Funskool, Disney, and Wildcraft along with many others. Then there are a range of trendy clothes, grooming kits, accessories, and shoes, EBooks, books, posters, games, music, stationery products, TV shows, bed linen, kitchen, bathing items, mobile phones, laptops including their accessories along with travel & sports accessories, computer, softwares and many more

Final thoughts

If you are with Flipkart, then you will assured to get 24×7 customer care assistance. Thanks to the aforesaid mentioned services, you possibly don’t like to go anywhere else as Flipkart has carved a niche for itself and have become an undisputed king for sure.

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