Epic-India’s First Web Browser

Epic is India’s first Web Browser which is developed by India. Hidden reflex, a Bangalore based Company has developed this browser. It is specifically designed for the Indian users. It is dubbed as the first web browser from India and also features the first integrated virus protection in a browser powered by ESET.


1.It has a lot of apps like translator for Indian languages, a timer, a to-do list, a fully loaded text editor, games, Google maps and many more features.

2.It has various clients for chatting, social networking such as orkut, facebook, twitter and other email apps.

3.It has hundreds of  themes featuring Indian culture and tradition.

4.It has a inbuilt anitivirus and anti phishing protection system.

5.Commonly used links such as Movies, News and Stocks can be accessed at all times in a seamless manner.

Epic browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and supports Firefox add-ons and extensions too. This truly enhances its flexibility. Service provider, Hidden Reflex will provide dedicated support on newer versions, hot fixes and updates from time to time.

More than a conventional browser, Epic will change the way people in India have browsed the websites. It has made surfing the net much easier and enjoyable. The multilingual support further enhances the overall usage.

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A 15 year old guy and a professional gamer.

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  1. Pranav says:

    Good article but the topic has now gone very old

  2. Papillon says:

    plz add download link

  3. Papillon says:

    Epic Fail! They imported all items from Mozilla Firefox, Just one Social networking toolbar is new 🙂


  4. Sarthak says:

    We shud appreciate the fact..dat It is the first browser fully developed in INDIA

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