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Once you put a website out on the Internet, if someone wants to take your design, it’s as simple as looking at your source code. If you want to keep your code hidden, there are numerous software available online that allow you to encrypt the HTML code on your website. Generally, HTML encryption software that work are not free, so eventually you will have to pay for them, but you can try many of them out for free before you buy. One of the best-rated HTML encryption software on the market is Encrypt HTML Pro.You can download it from

Lets Start Encryption !!

Step 1:
Download and install “Encrypt HTML Pro” to your computer. Once the program has downloaded, the installation is easy. Just double-click “Set-up,” click “Next” through all of the screens and click “Install” on the last screen.

Step 2:
Open “Encrypt HTML Pro” and select the files that you want to encrypt. You will browse for the files on your computer. Each HTML file for a site will need to be separately selected and encoded. Once you select the files, click “Next.”
Html Encryption

Step 3
Choose whether to encrypt the entire page or only a section of the page on the “General” tab. If you don’t want people to be able to read any of your HTML code, you will need to encrypt the entire page. Click “Next.”
Html Encryption

Step 4:
Select the HTML file properties. There will be a list of properties, and some will already be checked. Leave the items that are automatically selected checked. You can also select to show a warning to site visitors that your page is protected by Encrypt HTML Pro. When you are done, click “Next.”
Html Encryption

Step 5:
Decide how you want to encrypt your code. There are numerous methods that Encrypt HTML Pro can use to encrypt the HTML code on your page, including disabling toolbars and inserting empty lines above the code. You can select the devices you want to use or just use the default setup, which should work sufficiently. Click “Next.”
Html Encryption

Step 6:
Click “Protect.” The last screen will show you the files that you have selected and allow you to start the process of encrypting them. A pop-up message will appear when your files have finished encrypting.
Html Encryption

Now your html pages are encrypted. You can test these pages in any browser and they will work fine.

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  1. Pranav says:

    Old is Gold Software!!!!
    Used it long time back

    Nice Share!!!

  2. well written tutorial. am going to try this new tool with the new website development.

  3. Namit Gupta says:

    Hey, Nice tutorial. I was unaware about this thing. Is Encrypt HTML Pro freeware?

  4. Hi Akshay ,

    This was a new info for me.But you should aware that there are too many tools that will break these encryption.No one can ensure an 100 % encryption.

    Regards |Madav

  5. VISHAL says:

    Great Tutorial dude… Really helpful for me.


  6. Hi Akshay, Thanks for this tutorial mate. I haven’t tried this tool yet but it looks so cool. Will give this a try for sure.

  7. I really find this is a great interesting subject. Never looked at this subject in this way. If you are planning to write some more articles about this subject, I will return soon!

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