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DownloadTired of lengthy process of downloading files from FSN or file sharing networks like Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. Now no need to worry any more about downloading files from these file sharing networks. Your all  worries will comes to end as you will complete reading this article. Today i will discuss about a revolutionary software called JDownloader.

What is JDownloader ?

JDownloader is a file downloader software like IDM ( internet download manager) or DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) but it is specially designed to download files from 1000’s of File sharing networks like rapidshare,megaupload etc.It allows you to download many files simultaneously and it also allows you to bypass waiting time for many file sharing sites.

How to use JDownloader ?

  1. Download JDownloader from and install it by following on screen instructions.
  2. After installing it, run the program from the icon on desktop or start menu.
  3. JDownloader mainly has 3 tabs which are listed below
    Download : It will initiate the download process of the file and will show the progress of downloading.
    Link Grabber : It will automatically grab the link of the file if it is copied on File sharing network and gives details about the file.
    Settings : It is used to define additional settings like where to save file or  whether to start the software on start up  or not etc.
  4. Copy download link of the  file hosted on File sharing network. For example i will download a file named screamable.txt which is uplaoded on
  5. Jdownloader will  automatically capture the link  by Link Grabber.
  6. Link Grabber will first check the details about file and after checking will display different details like ‘Size of file’.’Host’,Status. etc.*Status is very useful function as if you are downloading a package which contains lots of files ,so status option will first check if all the files are available , this can be helpful if any of the files is missing then you can choose other package and it will eventually save your time and bandwidth.
  7. Then right-click on file name and click ‘continue’.*Select continue with all to download all files or Continue with selected file to download only the selected files.
  8. The file will be automatically transferred to Download Tab and it will start downloading.
  9. You can see the progress of downloading and it also shows other details such as  how much time is left for download to complete.

Some Useful Tips for using the Software

  • You can even pause or stop the download in between using the top pane.
  • If you are downloading multiple files you can set priority of it by right-clicking on the file and selecting Priority option from drop-down menu. This can help if you want certain files to be downloaded first.
  • If you own premium account of any popular File sharing network you can even enter these details by selecting premium option from Top Menu.

So what are you guys waiting for just download the software and start downloading your files from the file sharing networks such as rapidshare, megaupload etc with ease and simplicity.

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