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As you plan to launch a website, selecting a domain name might become the most arduous task. With millions of domain names already registered on the internet, thinking of a unique name proves to be the most perplexing thing you have ever done. You can’t just go about testing and trying every name that comes in your mind and apply hit-and trial method on the domain registrar. This old and lost process will lead to waste of time and effort. To save time and effort, you need to be smart enough to take short cuts. These short cuts are provided by websites that host some powerful tools which help you in generating unique and interesting domain names which you would love attributing to your newly born child – your website (yes, we know you love your website in the same way one loves his/her child). Such websites which help you in finding domain names are often called as Domain Name Generator.

Now, choosing the appropriate website for generating the domain name for your website might again be a topic of contention. So here we discuss about the best domain name generators on the World Wide Web!

Domain Name Generator


When it comes to Domain name generators, BustAName is a website whose name always comes on the top. This website is very popular and extremely user-friendly. It has a simple and easy to understand interface in which you are asked to enter some keywords. Once you enter the keywords, they start suggesting domain names that are related to the keywords you have entered. You are presented with a lot of options among which you can simply select which ever you like. They also have a column that shows the available domain corresponding to the keywords you have entered. Once you select the name, you can jump to the domain registrar’s website directly and get it registered. BustAName’s associations with Godaddy can fetch you some great discounts as well!


This tool lets you combine words related to whatever keywords you enter. In this tool, you have to enter a word in the left box and it will suggest some endings. You can choose one of their suggestions or enter your own ending words. The words can be combined by a click and then you can check the availability or simply save the combination to your scratch board. A maximum of 15 prefix and suffix are available.


This is the simplest website for domain name generation which gives good suggestions for the keywords you enter. Although this website generates quite simple names closely related to the words you enter, this website takes the edge because it shows the availability of the domain name right away. There is a direct “buy now” button that re directs you to domain name sellers.

This website is a Web 2.0 domain name generator. It is based on a concept which is different from other domain name generation websites. After selecting a suffix and prefix, you will be offered with lot of keywords and combinations. You can also ignore the suggestions which seem too weird or unlikely. Once you select the name of your choice, select the “check” button and redirection to the domain registrar site will take place.


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