Difference Between LED and LCD Displays

These days mainly two types of Displays are very famous among people. These are LED and LCD displays. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes displays and LCD are Liquid Crystal Displays. Due to presence of these 2 different kind of displays a person thinking to purchase a new display often gets confused between the two and is unable to decide which one to choose. Today i will discuss about difference between these display devices. We could cover all the basic differences between led and lcd displays.


LED TVs are the newer variant of displays available in the market. Since LED TVs are newer technology displays they are considered to be better than lcd but what actual difference is there between led and lcd is known to very few people. So here we discuss the basic differences between the two technologies.

Contrast/Black Levels

Led displays have better contrast ratio as compare to the LCD display. Major drawbacks for a LCD display is that it is unable to create the dark areas of the images on the screen.Due to this reason there is a loss of image quality and detail. Whereas LED displays produces better black areas which in tun produces better contrast and more detailed image in the dark areas.

Color Accuracy

Color accuracy of led display is much better than lcd display. Though the difference is not very large but it is still notable. So if you are looking for better color accuracy then led display should be your first choice.

Viewing angles

Led displays have much better viewing angles than the lcd display. In case of LCD display beyond the 30 degree from the center the contrast ratio of the image start to diminish. LED display do not have any such limitation and they have much larger viewing angle.

Sizes Available

LCD displays are available in the size range from 15inches to 65 inches whereas LED display are currently available between 17inches and 70inches.

Video playback

LED display have much faster response rate time as compare to LCD display. Due to faster motion response rate there is no problems such as motion lag and in fast action video also blurring of images do not take place.

Power Consumption

Usually people think newer technology would consume lesser power but this is not the case with led and lcd displays. Local dimming LED display consume more power than LCD  display. Sounds shocking but it is true. Therefore, the tradeoff seems to be between economizing your energy bill and better picture quality. But the edge lit LED displays use less power than an LCD of the same size. Best part is there is no screen burn in problem in case of led displays so they can be used for computer displays as well.

Final Conclusion

If you are looking for better picture quality and better features then LED display should be your first choice. If you can compromise a bit on quality then you can go for LCD display. Usually you would find LED displays to be more expensive then LCD displays but with increase price you get better quality. So if budget is a problem for you then try getting a smaller size led display rather than bigger size lcd display. If according to you there is any other major difference between led and lcd display do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Candy Paint says:

    LED TVs have much better contrast and color compared to traditional LCDs ,:.

  2. Computer Fan says:

    LCD TVs can really save you from high electricity bills and office space `’;

  3. “‘~ I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information “’

  4. Thanks for that explanation. We are looking at buying a new 42 inch TV and must admit finding it a bit confusing with all the different models and LED, LCD etc. So now we have a better understanding we won’t be blagged by the salesmen!
    Cheers Mart

  5. Kishore ranjan das says:

    thanks buds i was in very nessery of ur article thanks

  6. thank you very much for giving such valuable information

  7. Nick says:

    Hi Guys, I’m still confused please suggest which one is better LCD or LED?

  8. Nikhil Hebbare says:

    How much is the power consumption of LED as compare TO LCD

  9. Nikhil says:

    how much extra power does it consumes

  10. dev says:

    great this remove my confusion. Thnx

  11. tibin says:

    Its better to choose LED displays..Why becase its having better picture quality..

  12. R.D.Mathur says:

    Q : Which TV emits more radiation rays which effect the eyes i.e which is more harmful LCD or LED ?

  13. Akshay says:

    as far as radiations are considered both nearly have equal effect on eyes… watching anyone lcd or led for long can be harmful for eyes

  14. shiva says:

    Actually am in confuse to LED or LCD monitor for my pc

  15. nitin gautam says:

    i understood the difference more accurately from above… thx 4 it….i like it

  16. Deepti says:

    but then wats this backlight tech? Plus I came to knw there r 3 types of LEDs viz, Edge, RGB, Full array… Wat r these? In a market how to buy an LED which saves power and gives LED quality?? Coz ter r certain LED same as LCDs coz of a missing feature… Do explain..

    • Akshay says: this link would help you understand LED backlights better… just compare features like contrast ratio, power consumption etc to find the best LED for you

  17. shejoy says:

    thnks for giving a deatiled discription.and also give drawbacks of both in a particular coloumn.

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  23. Faraz Ahmed says:

    I think LED display is better than LCD display because LED display gives you a good contrast.

  24. Raees says:

    LED and LCD both are harmfull for eyes as we use these long period, but little difference that the pix quality of LED is little more improved. you should select as you wish!

  25. kalpesh says:

    Which is best place to buy LED TV at cheapest rate in India. I want to buy Online. And also please tell how is ONIDA is this new technology of LED. I want to buy 32″ LED – qty. 2. for my New house.

    Thanks in advance

  26. Gurmeet Singh says:

    Thanks for valuable information sharing with us.

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    very good comparison sir thank u….

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    This is really very useful information. Thanks

  31. Anitha says:

    We are planning to buy a LED TV which company product would be better SONY or SAMSUNG?

    • Akshay says:

      Both Companies have great LED TV’s, What we would recommend is to visit a showroom and ask the owner to run same video on both tv with same brightness/color etc so that you can decide yourself. Samsung LED Tv supports more video formats in USB plug and play option.

      Overall you can choose any between the two after checking respective model looks and prices

  32. Rugveda says:

    which one is easyly repairable in future led or lcd.both screens are repairable.

  33. Nadeer says:

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    Thanks, it helped me a lot…. and am going to buy LCD… my budget matters.. i don’t mind big quality of pics.thers not much difference.

  36. Naval Singh says:

    Which is best place to buy LED TV at cheapest rate in India. we are save to electricity for led tv and better feature compare to lcd

  37. Natasha says:

    Thanks for valuable information sharing with us

  38. This is really interesting, no matter what they say, LEDs are the way forward, the technology is just amazing.

  39. santhosh says:

    i want to connect my pc….LED or LCD….what’s best……

  40. Vedant says:

    Thanxx dude…for infrmtion..

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    useful information…

  42. madhubabu says:

    dear, u r information is very helpful. but recently when i went to purchase 32″ led tv, i was little bit confused. that Sony ex 32 led is around 24k (not full hd). but where as Samsung eh5000 is 25k (full hd). SAMSUNG picture clarity is also better than sony. how they can offer and sony can’t? at this prices.



    • Akshay says:

      We don’t have much idea about the grey market but yes samsung parts are more costly but if it is in warranty you need to worry about that.

  43. Ayan says:

    I am willing to buy a 18.5 inch monitor. LED or LCD which will be better?

  44. Ratan says:

    LG 32LS5700 is it OK compared to SAMSUNG of same category???? Does LED / LCD TVs are use and throw…. or repairabale??

  45. tushar says:

    i want to purchase samsung 28f4001. but now i confused between panasonic veria tvs and samsung28f4001.because panasoic is giving 3 year waranty. help me to chose.

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