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uCoz is one of the world’s leading free website maker. The website provides us a WordPress like interface where you can create and control the content of your website. But this is preferable more because of the ease of customization and options that the site provides as compared to any other blogging platform.The uCoz offers more features than any other weblog platform. The site is estimated to have to more than 50 per cent of the features that are offered by a default WordPress installation. Thus you can easily start creating your blog with uCoz.

create free website ucoz

The user interface is easy to use and interactivity demands no expert knowledge of the user in HTML, CSS and website design. On top of that this website creating platform is free to use. Because of its these services and commitment to deliver more has make Ucoz one of the most preferred blogging platform.

The website recently announced that it has more than 1 million websites that are running on it. Another factor that has worked in its favor, that there is no limit on the amount of web space that will be required by your website or blog. Ucoz offers free free website design and many more features which are listed below :

a. More than 250 themes to choose from.

b. Default installation will have 12 content modules that you can use on your blog. But you can later on add more as the requirements arises later.

c. The website claims to have an uptime above 99 % along with regular backups and premium domains which you can purchase from them.

d. Support for a variety of other modules like Polls, Editor, News, Publisher and much more.

e. The website provide many innovative ways for advertising like rotating banners which are not provided by WordPress and Joomla

The only downside of this website is that you cannot use your custom PHP, ASP or JSP scripts. Another limitation of this is that there is no in built support for the SEO and there are no modules available at present to provide it. The free website that will be created will be clogged with many irritating ads. Thus if you are planning to start a a small website or blog then uCoz can be an ideal place to start with.

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