Choosing The Best Hosting Companies For WordPress Based Blogs

WordPress is a great blog tool. It is easy to learn for someone without any experience. The proliferation of WordPress blogs has had a negative effect on web hosting, especially shared hosting. WordPress can become a server resource hog without intervention by the owner. Without going into too much technical detail, WordPress accesses mySQL servers as well as put a burden on running php code. Fortunately, some hosting companies have recognized the need to optimize for WordPress.

How do you find the best hosting companies for WordPress based blogs? One of the quickest ways is to do a web search for WordPress hosting. Just because a huge list of hosting companies show up in your results doesn’t mean that they are the best company to host WordPress. Still, this is a good way to start. From there, one has to do old fashion legwork. Go to each site and research how they address optimizing the hosting for WordPress. Some sites only give it lip service while others have effectively configured their server environment for the best WordPress hosting.


Some hosting companies offer detail information on how to configure WordPress to work at the maximum performance level on their hosting platforms. There are some WordPress plugins that will cache your pages to speed up the loading of your data. These plugins work quite well with the hosting company who has optimized their servers for WordPress. Many of the companies reduce the number of accounts that can be hosted on each server thus allowing more resources to be shared with fewer accounts.

VPS hosting is another area that one should consider for best hosting of WordPress blogs. VPS hosting is a little more expensive than shared hosting but all the resources of the VPS server is reserved for your blogs and no one else. This can give you a significant performance boost. A few shared hosting companies employ VPS protection in a shared environment. Basically, they give you the advantages of VPS hosting but at Shared hosting prices. It is something to look into.

The best hosting companies for WordPress based Blogs will offer a content server management. Basically, the hosting company routes your web traffic through a global network that will automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages for the fastest page load times and you get the best performance. This can even be offered through the Shared hosting environment. Speed and performance is vital to hosting WordPress blogs.

Author : Amit Bhawani is a professional blogger, and a web-hosting adviser at the best web hosting reviews site. You can check out the different VPS hosting websites to compare the best hosts in that field.

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  1. Usman says:

    I think the blogger needs to be very selective in choosing web hosting company as only the company that offers after sales support should be hired to avoid breakdowns

  2. Great post. thanks for sharing with us. We are one of biggest Web hosting service provider company in India

  3. Raghav says:

    Nice informative article. It would be nice to know whether this can be used with joomla sites too?

  4. librezine says:

    I think best hosting is Hostgator/

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