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Online Virus Scanner!!

If you find any suspicious file on net or you download any file from Internet, but you think it might contain virus and want to scan the file but you do not have any antivirus installed. What will you do in that case? Answer to this problem is you can scan the file online or […]


Get Notified When Your Email is Opened!!

While surfing the web I found a great way by which you can track the emails you send.Now you can find out when your email has been read by the recipient. Now you need not to guess whether your email has been read or not. You can get a notification when your email has been […]


Control Your PC Using SMS!!

It is your holiday and you are enjoying at party at your friend’s house and suddenly you recall that you have forgotten to shutdown your pc. What will you do?Rush back home and Shutdown the pc manually or Call someone to do that for you. Either of the way is not easy orĀ  time saving. […]


Amazing Facebook Trick.

Today i m going to discuss about an amazing Facebook trick. Have you ever noticed on Facebook that there is a like button but no dislike buttonĀ  for your status messages. But there is trick to enable dislike button in your status messages. You might always wanted to have a dislike button. For this purpose […]


What are Yahoo pipes ?

Many of you might have not heard about yahoo pipes. So first let me tell you what exactly Yahoo pipes are and what work you can do using them. Yahoo pipes is a web application which provides GUI for building data mashups and create various applications. Yahoo pipes are bit complex to use. In order […]

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