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6 Great Twitter Apps for Android

Unlike Facebook, which was created primarily for the desktop and laptop users, Twitter has always been meant for the people who like to participate in social networking while they are on the move. Initially when the mobile OS platforms were not as developed as they are today, you were able to send text messages to […]


5 Tips To Get Retweeted From Twitter Profiles With High Klout

One of the best things about Twitter is that many celebrities and otherwise notable users actually tweet for themselves; making it many a fan’s dream to be retweeted by their idol. There are benefits to being retweeted, mentioned or replied to by a celebrity. The main one is simply reveling in the glory of interacting […]


How to Avoid Twitter Spammers

Avoiding spam on social media sites can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Being vigilant about one’s online presence will help. Worry less about asking friends and family for advice, like asking for restaurant suggestions or where to find information about health insurance. What starts out as an innocent tweet can be considered a buzzword […]


How To Take Care of Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Facebook and Twitter has become an integral part of our lives. We express our joys and sorrows and all other feelings on these networking sites. The social networking is based on the sharing of information and views freely among the similar minded individuals. But this has given rise to threats like phishing and social engineering. […]


How To Increase Followers on Twitter

Twitter is very rapidly becoming a network of people where they interact with each other. This social network of people can become a potential marketplace for the businessmen to sell and promote their products and services. The following points will not only be beneficial in increasing your popularity on the Twitter but will also bring […]


10 Must Have Tools For Twitter Users

Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites on internet today. Today its fan base is around around 100 million all over the world. It is the most popular micro blogging site on the internet. Today i will be telling you 10 Famous and Must Have Tools For Twitter Users that will help you to […]