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How To Install Android on PC

The day looks like to have a cloud with an unseen benefit of shedding rays of hope to get the Android operating system on your PC or on your laptop. This procedure that we are about to discuss, is not guaranteed to work on your system but has been known to work on most of […]


How To Install Mac OS X On PC Using Virtual Box

Apart from Virtual Box, to install Mac OS X, you will require OSX86 ISO. There are tons of torrents, which will fulfill your requirement. But we would recommend you to buy original Mac OS X for safety and security reasons. It is upon your discretion, whether to contravene copyright laws, or be a law-abiding global citizen, […]


How To Save Files Directly In Your Dropbox Account

Cloud computing is the latest tech trend these days . So today i will tell how to  send files directly to cloud storage sites like dropbox. All you need is to make  an account on dropbox. The website offers 2Gb free storage facility. You can purchase more space if you want. First of all you […]


How To Install Ubuntu Linux – Complete Step by Step Guide

These days many users want to try linux but are in a dilemma that whether they will be able to install linux themselves or not. Installing linux is very easy task but if you think you might not be able to install linux or it is not easy to install linux then just read the […]