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The Secret Way to Get Gov and Edu Backlinks for High Google Pagerank

Getting a backlink from a .gov or .edu domain is a reason to celebrate! But why? Simply put, these are websites that can increase the Google Page Rank of your site a great deal, because Google considers them highly reputable. Links from .gov and .edu sites are valuable assets if you are campaigning to increase […]


Unzip Files Online Without Using Any Software

Ever received a zip file but did not had any software to unzip it at that point of time? Ever felt lazy to start your software like winrar or winzip to unzip the compressed files? Well, we all will agree that unzipping files online is more easy as compared to unzipping them using any software. […]


Compress Your MP3 Files

What if your could triple the capacity of your Mp3 player or memory card without spending a single penny? Sounds really astonishing,isn’t it ? In today ‘s music crazy world, we all want to store maximum number of songs in our player. But whenever the storage of our player  becomes full, we tend to delete […]


Unlocker-Access your locked files to delete them

While using computer, many time we get following errors : “Cannot delete file: Access is denied”. “There has been a sharing violation”. “The source or destination file may be in use”. “The file is in use by another program or user”. “Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is […]


Google- More Than Just a Search Engine

When it comes to Google, most  of us uses it just as a plain search engine but Google is much more than just an ordinary search engine. There are many lesser known tricks Google has stored for us. Here I present some of the coolest Google tricks. 1.Get the locale time anywhere : Wanna know […]


Some Cool Notepad Tricks To Scare Your Friends

Most of you must be aware about a tool called notepad. It is a simple text based editor. But today I am going to discuss some cool tricks which you can perform on your computer using notepad. You can also use these tricks to scare your friends. 1. Continuously pop out CD or DVD Drive […]


See Passwords Behind Asterisk

Today I am going to tell you a really cool trick which you can perform using Javascript. This trick will allow you to see passwords behind Asterisk.You can use this trick on any web page which contains password hidden behind Asterisk. First of all question arises what is Javascript ? What is Javascript ? JavaScript […]

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