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5 Great Data Backup Software

In today’s world computers are more prone to crashing and when this happens all your data goes to drain. Computer crashing has became very common and it is happening with nearly everyone. To fight against this we all do a common thing called data backup. In this process we backup all the important files on […]


5 Amazing iPad Tips and Tricks

You must have seen in movies or read somewhere about the various secret tunnels and rooms which existed in the ancient castles and its occupants oblivious to them. In our modern era also there are castles, but thanks to nanotechnology, they are much smaller in size but much more complicated. I am talking about the […]


5 Ways To Speed up Computer

No matter how great a configuration your computer comes with, if you use it with negligence, its performance will go down. Even the best of processors feel the heat when your memory runs high and there are a bit too many applications to be comfortable. In such cases what works to speed up computers is […]


How to do Webcam Chat on Facebook

As we all know that chatting face to face is today’s fashion and everyone want to have a web cam chat rather than the boring text chat. Most of the social networking sites do no gives you the feature of doing a web cam chat. Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site in the […]


How to sync Blackberry With Thunderbird

Do you want to sync your Blackberry phone with Thunderbird email client? If so then let me tell you that in this post I am going to teach you how to do so. To begin with the tutorial let me first brief you about what exactly is Thunderbird. What is Thunderbird? Mozilla Thunderbird is a […]


Some Must Know Facebook Tricks And Facts

Here are some cool Facebook tricks which are safe to use and fun to perform. 1. Get Chat History even when your friends are offline : Unlike Gmail and Yahoo! Facebook doesn’t really stores your chat history, but with a simple trick you can view your recent Chats. Step 1 : Obtain your Friend’s UID […]


Convert Images To Icons And Vice Versa

Friends have you ever been persuaded by changed icons. Have you ever seen any computer that is having its user’s face instead of “My Computer” icon? Do you know how to do this? If not ,then this thing is not going to be secret for you anymore because after reading this post you will come […]

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