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Top 10 Video Sites

Very often we surf the net and search for our most favorite videos, watch them and download them. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the video sites. Here, I’ll take you through the list of top 10 video sites. 1. YouTube – YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video site which has a clever blend […]


5 Amazing Windows 7 Tricks !!

Today I am going to unveil some of the tricks which you can perform in windows 7. I personally tried these tricks, and like them  and hope u will also like them. Some of my favorite tricks are listed below and you don’t need to be a computer geek to use them. Only requirement to […]


How To Use Proxy In Mozilla Firefox ?

This tutorial is made especially for those who feel that their network is not secure or can be taken over or hacked by somebody over the internet. Solution to this problem is by remaining anonymous over the net. You can hide your information on net bu using proxy. A proxy allows you to load the […]


Change Default Location For Installing Applications or Softwares

As the size of hardrives increase, more people are using partitions to seperate and store groups of files. Usually people install applications and softwares in different partitions and locations other than usual Program Files in windows. Most people who play games also keep a separate location for installing games. But in windows everything is installed […]


Now You Can Test Your Blog/Site In Every Browser!!

If you are a website or blog owner and you are doubtful about your site/blog looks in different browsers or you need to see your site/blog in all the browsers just checkout the following article. Some times it happens that different browsers show your website/blog with the different font or images and in some cases […]


Online Virus Scanner!!

If you find any suspicious file on net or you download any file from Internet, but you think it might contain virus and want to scan the file but you do not have any antivirus installed. What will you do in that case? Answer to this problem is you can scan the file online or […]


Get Notified When Your Email is Opened!!

While surfing the web I found a great way by which you can track the emails you send.Now you can find out when your email has been read by the recipient. Now you need not to guess whether your email has been read or not. You can get a notification when your email has been […]

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