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Best Cloud File Storage Sites

The cloud computing era has dawned upon us. Out data is apparently being decentralized with every new service that is arriving each day. Thus people no longer have to feel constrained by internal data storage due to the variety of available services. These services free people of problem that they cannot carry their data since […]


How to Optimize The Speed of a WordPress Blog

The aim of your blogs is to attract traffic and keep your readers coming back for more. This purpose is defeated if your site takes a long time to load. This will result in your readers’ patience to wear off even before they have started reading your content. WordPress blogs are known to be slow. […]


Best Free Online Language Translators

Well, they say in history that this was not known how man learned to speak, and when he learned to speak this was only one language, but later God did not want human beings to be very united that he separated them by giving them the power to speak different languages. Whatever be the reason […]


Tips To Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Decreasing the bounce rate on your website is important but you have to know what it is first. The bounce rate is the percentage of people that land on your site but that stay for less than thirty seconds before leaving it. The higher the bounce rate, the worse it is for you because it […]


15 Powerful Graphic Cards for Gaming

We all love to play latest games on our computers but we get really frustrated when we are unable to run a game due to weak or low end graphic card installed in our computers. Today we would tell you about 15 best and powerful graphic cards for you computers which will enhance your gaming […]


15 Best Text Editors

1. Notepad++: This is an excellent replacement for Notepad. Some of its features include: a. Auto Completion b. Syntax Highlighting c. Drag and Drop feature d. Search facility e. Zoom in and out 2. PSPad: A freeware editor for Windows offers the following features: a. Syntax Highlighting b. Multiple document editing support c. Built in FTP Client […]


7 Ways To Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa is a very important aspect for webmasters as improvement in Alexa ranking, a ranking system based on the information gathered about your website, is a significant indicator of the popularity of your website. This ranking system is based on the usage pattern of the website and is a combine measure of reach and page […]

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