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How To Install Mac OS X On PC Using Virtual Box

Apart from Virtual Box, to install Mac OS X, you will require OSX86 ISO. There are tons of torrents, which will fulfill your requirement. But we would recommend you to buy original Mac OS X for safety and security reasons. It is upon your discretion, whether to contravene copyright laws, or be a law-abiding global citizen, […]


Best new smartphones for Q3 2011

Smartphones are everywhere at the moment and they’re getting better by the day too, although some of the latest models to hit the stores are proving pretty irresistible. However, as the year rolls on there are some exciting new possibilities on the horizon too. Apple iPhone 5 The Google Android operating system has been the […]


Top 5 Smartphones Having a Qwerty keyboard

The list of smartphones we have here is particularly focusing on five gadgets that are featuring physical QWERTY keyboards. It is true that the trend of the today’s modern world is the touch screen smartphones, but those with physical QWERTY keyboards are also equally popular. The 5 five choices that we are mentioning here are […]


How To Deal With Laptop Overheating

A laptop computer is an expensive investment and one that you want to keep running properly for years to come. That being said, a common malady that affects laptops is overheating. Overheating, over time, can prematurely cause the laptops internal machinery to fail. Thankfully, there are several cheap and easy tricks to keep your laptop […]


Best Android 3.0 Tablets

Google’s Android OS has taken the world by storm. Today almost every third person wants to own an Android enabled device. Almost all the micro devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, etc. have been targeted by the Android. Today we will bring you a list of some of the best tablets that are powered by the […]


10 Best Photo Editing Software

There are many photo editing software available in the market but choosing one is very difficult. So here is the list of some best photo editing software. These are just some of the best photo editing software available today. If you know more such good photo editing software feel free to add them to the […]


Top Free Android Games

When I am looking to pass the time, I usually look no further than the Android mobile app platform. The app market has thousands of great games that are available to download. While a lot of the games are only a few dollars, I would rather find a fun game at no cost to me. […]

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