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Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media

Social media and social networking have grown to quite an extent over the past two years. For businesses around the world and startup bloggers, they have always desperately needed the ability for the automatic and constant promotion of their content. The great part is that there are many more exciting plugins using which content is […]


Google Plus Review

Google has unveiled its new project Google+. Which many people think is its answer to Facebook. So What exactly is Google+? Google+ is a project which turns Google into one giant social network. Google+ contains some new innovative features. I got an Google+ invitation so decided to test it and share the experience and features […]


List of 250 Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is one the best way to increase traffic on your Blog. What exactly is social book marking ? Social book marking is a process in which a user book marks a web page on the social book marking site which can be read by all the members of that particular site. According to […]


How To Take Care of Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Facebook and Twitter has become an integral part of our lives. We express our joys and sorrows and all other feelings on these networking sites. The social networking is based on the sharing of information and views freely among the similar minded individuals. But this has given rise to threats like phishing and social engineering. […]


Getting a University Degree in Social Media and SEO – Do Bloggers Really Need it?

Imagine sitting in a classroom and your lecturer says, “Class, today we’re going to discuss the fundamentals of sending a tweet”. Doesn’t that sound slightly bizarre? But this is exactly what is on the horizon in 2011 with Universities planning to offer students a Masters’ degree in Social Media! So what exactly are they going […]


Control Your PC Using SMS!!

It is your holiday and you are enjoying at party at your friend’s house and suddenly you recall that you have forgotten to shutdown your pc. What will you do?Rush back home and Shutdown the pc manually or Call someone to do that for you. Either of the way is not easy or  time saving. […]