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Best iOS 5 features

iOS 5 is one of the latest software upgrade with a whole lot of new features giving a tough competition to the Android’s latest Gingerbread. Despite the fact that they have borrowed some ideas from Android, iOS 5 still has its own innovative applications for providing enhanced productivity to their users. Let us sneak into […]


How To Install Mac OS X On PC Using Virtual Box

Apart from Virtual Box, to install Mac OS X, you will require OSX86 ISO. There are tons of torrents, which will fulfill your requirement. But we would recommend you to buy original Mac OS X for safety and security reasons. It is upon your discretion, whether to contravene copyright laws, or be a law-abiding global citizen, […]


Top Free Android Games

When I am looking to pass the time, I usually look no further than the Android mobile app platform. The app market has thousands of great games that are available to download. While a lot of the games are only a few dollars, I would rather find a fun game at no cost to me. […]


How To Install Ubuntu Linux – Complete Step by Step Guide

These days many users want to try linux but are in a dilemma that whether they will be able to install linux themselves or not. Installing linux is very easy task but if you think you might not be able to install linux or it is not easy to install linux then just read the […]


Top 20 Free Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 is a great Operating System launched by Microsoft. There are thousands of free themes available for windows 7. Today we will tell you about top 20 free windows 7 themes which are available for download. You can download windows 7 themes directly from Microsoft site. 1. Rio Theme 2. Sailing   3. Year […]


Dell Announces 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet

Dell has announced the launch of its 10 inch Windows 7 later in the year. The company aims for the tablet mainly for business users across various sectors like healthcare, education and finance.Another version based on Google’s Android Operating System, will also be launched with it. At an event in San Francisco, Steve Lalla, head […]


3 Great Launchers For Your Android Phone

Well, since now there is a line drawn between high end feature phones and smart phones. The future platforms are here right in front of you! Nokia is going out with its Symbian OS, Unless and until it gives its User Interface(UI) a revamp. What we are looking in today’s world is Apple’s iOS, Google’s […]

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