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Battle of Top Note-Taking Apps

Have you ever used any of the applications for note-taking? If you have, what would you say about the application you use? For those who have used more than one of those applications, maybe you have some comments to give on how they perform. Which of those is your favorite? Well, before looking at which […]


Is Opera Mini the Fastest Mobile Browser for Android? [Mobile Browser Shootout]

Nowadays people don’t carry a laptop everywhere they go but they do carry their Smartphones. The main reason for this change in trend is that they can still remain connected by accessing Internet on their smartphones. Internet has became an integral part of our day to day life and most of us can’t even imagine […]


10 Best BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry Mobiles are one of the best mobiles for business professionals who are always on the move. These people are not so much voracious about the apps that are developed by developers across other platforms like Android and iOS. With the introduction of new version for its mobile phones, the Research in Motion is all […]


10+ Best Android Multiplayer Games

Android is one of the most preferred mobile operating system in the world. This system is known for its sheer simplicity and design that enables the developers to develop their applications on this OS. Games are always a hot property across any mobile or computing platform. The games on Android offer you decent graphics, flawless […]


7 Best Racing Games For Android Users

Racing games always have an adrenaline rush that is all set to rock you. The racing games are a hot selling item in any computing platform. Google’s Android has become the best selling mobile operating system in 2011 and is expected to carry on this trend in 2012 also. Today we are going to tell […]


Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Electronics, one of the leading brands in the smartphone arena has recently announced its new Tablet and Phone hybrid, Samsung Galaxy Note. This post is aimed to throw more light on its specifications, features and its capabilities. The Galaxy Note is an all product range which is the result of Samsung’s deep customer research […]


Best 4G Phones

It is quite hard to determine whether 3G phones will still exist by the coming year, considering the rise in the release of 4G phones. The fact that high quality hardware like dual core processors and software specifications such as the Android 2.3 Gingerbread are being featured by these phones, this makes 4G phones totally […]

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