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How To Use Google Adsense – Complete Guide

Google Adsense is an ad serving program which was launched by Google way back in 2003. Today Google Adsense contributes more than 30% of Google’s turnover. So, Today I will be providing a complete guide on how to use Google adsense. How to get Adsense account Getting Adsense account is not quite easy because Google […]


10 Great Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions or plugins are designed to provide additional functionality for your Google Chrome web browser. Today I will discuss about 10 Great Chrome Extensions. These extensions would help you in improving your browsing experience while using Google Chrome. So here are the best chrome extensions : 1. StayFocusd Many of us want to […]


Google Improves Google Docs

Google on Wednesday released an updated version of the Google Docs where the company has addressed to several issues that have grown since its launch last year. Earlier there used to be only basic commenting feature for your documents that are shared by your team or group.These comments used to remain anonymous until then.But now, […]


Google Revealed New BlogSpot Dashboard Layout at SXSW 2011

Google team has announced a complete overhaul of its blogging platform, BlogSpot at SXSW 2011. This platform is one of the largest sites in the world and has been ranked on sixth place in Alexa ratings. The site which has more than 400 million active viewers with more than a half million posts. It was […]


3 Great Launchers For Your Android Phone

Well, since now there is a line drawn between high end feature phones and smart phones. The future platforms are here right in front of you! Nokia is going out with its Symbian OS, Unless and until it gives its User Interface(UI) a revamp. What we are looking in today’s world is Apple’s iOS, Google’s […]


Top 5 Search Engines

This time I decided to make a list of Top 5 search engines of the decade, so here is the list of top 5 search engines. 1. Google Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1996.Google today has sky as its limit and all of us know that even an […]

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