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How To Enable Timeline Profile Page on Facebook

Facebook announced a revolutionary new feature called Timeline. Timeline would be available for everyone within few months as told by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. But if you cannot wait to see how your profile would look with the new Timeline you can enable Timeline for your profile page by following the steps given below. Step […]


How To Get Old Facebook Chat Back

Recently facebook released some new features for its users such as video chat and group chat option. If you still haven’t enabled video chat in facebook you can read How to enable video Calling in facebook. Although facebook was working to make chat features more user friendly but many people are disappointed with its recent […]


How To Start Using Facebook Video Calling

Facebook has announced Video Calling and group chat. This means now you can do video chat with your friends on facebook. Video Calling will be available to everyone within the next few weeks. If you don’t want to wait you can get it now. To start video calling now, visit   Video calling on Facebook and click […]


Fotolink:Manage your Facebook Photos Easily

I always use to wonder about how to transfer my  pictures from one Facebook album to another ? Can we ever get a drag and drop feature for uploading pictures on Facebook ? Facebook doesn’t allow us to do so. So i researched a bit about this and found out this great application for managing […]


How To Take Care of Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Facebook and Twitter has become an integral part of our lives. We express our joys and sorrows and all other feelings on these networking sites. The social networking is based on the sharing of information and views freely among the similar minded individuals. But this has given rise to threats like phishing and social engineering. […]

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