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Tips for Writing a Popular Post

Just one popular post has the potential to attract more links and traffic than a month of your normal content. The following are tips which can help you write a popular post. Put in more time If you work on something for six hours, it is likely to be good. However, you don’t have to […]


6 Plugins To Make WordPress Hack-Proof

WordPress being one of the most popular blogging platforms, turning the heads of many or the problogger towards them, they have not escaped the vicious eyes of hackers. If you would like to keep the hackers at bay, wordPress has the essential tools for the same purpose, and here we will discuss six of the […]


How to Optimize The Speed of a WordPress Blog

The aim of your blogs is to attract traffic and keep your readers coming back for more. This purpose is defeated if your site takes a long time to load. This will result in your readers’ patience to wear off even before they have started reading your content. WordPress blogs are known to be slow. […]


Why Everyone Should Blog

For all the commercial and home businesses blogging has become a fundamental aspect. If you are into the home business or you are into the internet marketing then blogging can play a very important role in your business foundation. Blogging can help you in assembling all your marketing strategies and efforts in one place and […]


Create A Free Website Using uCoz

uCoz is one of the world’s leading free website maker. The website provides us a WordPress like interface where you can create and control the content of your website. But this is preferable more because of the ease of customization and options that the site provides as compared to any other blogging platform.The uCoz offers […]


How To Integrate The +1 Google Button To Your Webpage

Google plus one button has been one of the most anticipated options that will help you to tell your colleagues and friends what kind of pages are the ones that you did like the most. But how will you make this button work for you? Here is the solution for learning how to integrate Google […]


Tips To Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Decreasing the bounce rate on your website is important but you have to know what it is first. The bounce rate is the percentage of people that land on your site but that stay for less than thirty seconds before leaving it. The higher the bounce rate, the worse it is for you because it […]

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