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Why Networking is a Best Practice for Amateur Bloggers?

Building a good network with your neighbors is always a good practice no matter whether it is subjected to a professional life, a social life or a blogging life. If you are a blogger then you need to understand the importance of networking for your blogging life. You would have to build a good network […]


Best Free WordPress Rating Plugins For Review sites

WordPress isĀ  the largestĀ open source blogging platform in the world. There are thousands of plugins available online to enhance or add certain functionalities in WordPress. One such category of plugins is the Rating plugins oftenly used by the review sites. Most of the review sites always have a rating mechanism on their site so that […]


5 Reasons why you should have a Mobile Version of your Blog/Site

Today creating a blog or a website is a child’s play, but maintaining it and reaching your target audience is a tough task. These days many people access the Internet from their mobile devices. So it has become important to have a mobile version of your blog/website so that you can give your readers what […]


5 Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid

Once you start the blog, one of the first challenges that you face is how to get more traffic through Search engines. Many bloggers try to get higher ranking on Google through link building. They start building links aggressively. In this article we discuss how this approach can backfire and some mistakes that newbie bloggers […]


Top 5 Free and Best Android Apps for Bloggers

These days blogging is not just a hobby for people, it has become a passion for some and a source of income for others. You would find that these days many people are opting for blogging as a career. Most of the bloggers always want to check something or the other regarding their blogs even […]


How to find Guest Bloggers for your Blog

There might be several reasons because of which you might want a guest author for your blog. Whether you are out on a vacation or want to increase the popularity of your blog, guest posts can prove to be an answer to all your wishes. Guest posting also gives reference to your blog, that is, […]


5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Bloggers

Firefox is one of the best web browsers available today. The main reason for its popularity is the large community support and Add-ons/plugins which are available for the users. Firefox add-ons are available for nearly all user groups with different interests. There are a number of firefox add-ons or plugins which are available for bloggers. […]

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