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Best Free IPL apps for BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Recently IPL (Indian Premier League) started in India which is now one of the most famous Cricket Tournament in the World. Players from nearly all countries participate in this mega event. If you are a BlackBerry 10 user and wondering how to get all the latest updates about IPL on your smartphone, then you are […]


6 Great Twitter Apps for Android

Unlike Facebook, which was created primarily for the desktop and laptop users, Twitter has always been meant for the people who like to participate in social networking while they are on the move. Initially when the mobile OS platforms were not as developed as they are today, you were able to send text messages to […]


Top 5 Free and Best Android Apps for Bloggers

These days blogging is not just a hobby for people, it has become a passion for some and a source of income for others. You would find that these days many people are opting for blogging as a career. Most of the bloggers always want to check something or the other regarding their blogs even […]


Top 10 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

We all face virus issues in our pc and laptops. There are lot of antivirus programs which are available for computers. In our earlier posts we have listed top 10 antivirus programs for computers and also told you about various online virus scanners. Today we would tell you about antivirus apps which are available for […]


7 Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

The battle for becoming the best smartphone operating system among android, ios and windows is getting fiercer day by day and we as the end customers are on the receiving side. There are new phones and applications which are launched everyday on all major platforms for mobile. Today Android and iOS have the major share […]


10 Best BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry Mobiles are one of the best mobiles for business professionals who are always on the move. These people are not so much voracious about the apps that are developed by developers across other platforms like Android and iOS. With the introduction of new version for its mobile phones, the Research in Motion is all […]

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