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Generations of iPod Touch

There are certainly a variety of iPods available in the market these days but these popular Apple music devices are basically identified as iPod generations. The trend of iPods started way back with the introduction of the iPod 1st Generation and the technology has gone as far as 6.5 G. Here we take a look […]


Best new smartphones for Q3 2011

Smartphones are everywhere at the moment and they’re getting better by the day too, although some of the latest models to hit the stores are proving pretty irresistible. However, as the year rolls on there are some exciting new possibilities on the horizon too. Apple iPhone 5 The Google Android operating system has been the […]


5 iPhone Apps that Help Students Save Money

For those students who have just graduated high school and are thinking about going to college next year, consider investing in an iPhone. With the iPhone, students can download many useful apps through the iTunes store that can help them save money and put it towards that IT degree they may be working on.  Barcode […]


7 Free iPhone Apps To Monitor Your Weight Loss

I am sure your busy days are not allowing you to maintain a good health and diet as time is flying away these days. No Worries, if you have an iPhone then you can still be fit and do all your works without missing it. These are the days where you will eat more and […]


Best Free Games For iPhone

Gaming has always bought fun to the life of billions of people since they were invented. Games can be played on many devices like PC’s, laptops and even on mobiles. Today I will be telling about games that can be played on iPhone. There are thousands and thousands of free games available for iPhone users […]


Angry Birds Is Now Available On Pc

Angry bird is one of the best mobile games available for iPhone and Android users. Angry Birds is developed by Rovio Mobile. Rovio Mobile announced that the game had been downloaded more than 50 million times. Angry Birds has been praised for its successful combination of addictive gameplay, comical style, and low price. The survival […]


5 Amazing iPad Tips and Tricks

You must have seen in movies or read somewhere about the various secret tunnels and rooms which existed in the ancient castles and its occupants oblivious to them. In our modern era also there are castles, but thanks to nanotechnology, they are much smaller in size but much more complicated. I am talking about the […]

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