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Battle of Top Note-Taking Apps

Have you ever used any of the applications for note-taking? If you have, what would you say about the application you use? For those who have used more than one of those applications, maybe you have some comments to give on how they perform. Which of those is your favorite? Well, before looking at which […]


Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Being fit, is becoming a big trend these days.  A research shows that people who work out in the morning are more active in comparison to the ones who don’t. Now even if you plan your fitness routine, you sometimes miss out your workouts, forget it, or leave it because of your laziness. If you […]


Best free iphone apps for watching TV shows and movies

Your Android Smartphone can not only let you watch video clips and surf video-sharing sites like YouTube, but also stream TV shows and films when connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network. Thanks to these apps from cable companies, TV networks, and online video providers like Hulu and Netflix – you can now watch your […]


Best iOS 5 features

iOS 5 is one of the latest software upgrade with a whole lot of new features giving a tough competition to the Android’s latest Gingerbread. Despite the fact that they have borrowed some ideas from Android, iOS 5 still has its own innovative applications for providing enhanced productivity to their users. Let us sneak into […]


4 Must Have iPad Apps For Kids

Halloween isn’t even here yet but American toy makers have already released their predictions for the hottest gifts to give children this holiday season—and no, traditional toys like Barbie and miniature fire trucks didn’t make the cut. Toys makers expects iPad apps designed for children to dominate the sales numbers this year. Granted, your child […]


3 Best Travel Apps for your iPhone

Apple Announced Apple iPhone in the year 2007-08. Initially people used it as a Business Device and also considered as best Blackberry alternative. But parallel to iPhone next versions and also the development of iOS interface encouraged many iPhone apps developers to design iPhone apps. In result, Apple iPhone is the only device in the […]


Best Thin And Light Weight Laptops

There is a number of laptop brands, available in market, but only few of them offer the sleekest designs. Let’s have a look at the 5 most attractive and sleek design laptops available in the market. 1. Apple Mac book air Designed by apple Inc, this ultra thin laptop is the sleekest of all laptops. It’s […]

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