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Battle of Top Note-Taking Apps

Have you ever used any of the applications for note-taking? If you have, what would you say about the application you use? For those who have used more than one of those applications, maybe you have some comments to give on how they perform. Which of those is your favorite? Well, before looking at which […]


Top 5 Password Managers for Android

Smartphones and Phablets have brought with them advanced computing functionalities which is why it is now possible to store personal/confidential information on your smart devices. This is especially true for Android powered gadgets which have lately seen a surge in the sales thanks to their intuitive software and app ecosystem. However the renowned operating system […]


Is Opera Mini the Fastest Mobile Browser for Android? [Mobile Browser Shootout]

Nowadays people don’t carry a laptop everywhere they go but they do carry their Smartphones. The main reason for this change in trend is that they can still remain connected by accessing Internet on their smartphones. Internet has became an integral part of our day to day life and most of us can’t even imagine […]


6 Great Twitter Apps for Android

Unlike Facebook, which was created primarily for the desktop and laptop users, Twitter has always been meant for the people who like to participate in social networking while they are on the move. Initially when the mobile OS platforms were not as developed as they are today, you were able to send text messages to […]


Top 5 Free and Best Android Apps for Bloggers

These days blogging is not just a hobby for people, it has become a passion for some and a source of income for others. You would find that these days many people are opting for blogging as a career. Most of the bloggers always want to check something or the other regarding their blogs even […]


Top 10 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

We all face virus issues in our pc and laptops. There are lot of antivirus programs which are available for computers. In our earlier posts we have listed top 10 antivirus programs for computers and also told you about various online virus scanners. Today we would tell you about antivirus apps which are available for […]


10+ Best Android Multiplayer Games

Android is one of the most preferred mobile operating system in the world. This system is known for its sheer simplicity and design that enables the developers to develop their applications on this OS. Games are always a hot property across any mobile or computing platform. The games on Android offer you decent graphics, flawless […]

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