Carry Your Desktop in Your Pocket on a Usb Drive

What if you could take your entire PC on your USB drive  or even your iPod? You might have heard about some of the Virtual machine solutions but all of them needs to load the operating system first. Here we bring in the review of MojoPac- which helps in turning any USB Storage device into your own Desktop and access files,applications,games etc and takes the portability to the next level.

Mojopac helps in keeping your data and your applications on a thumb drive. With an utility such as MojoPac, you can now turn your USB drive into a clone of your desktop, which you can access thereafter via any PC, even if it is not connected to web.  MojoPac imports user data and key preferences like bookmarks etc so you can full replicate your desktop via a thumb drive.

MojoPac is the truest version of a mobile desktop currently in the market. After you install MojoPac on your thumb drive and add data, the MojoPac desktop- a custom interface similar to your regular desktop  pops up. MojoPac even transforms your storage device into your system’s C: Drive.  A user just has to  install his/her  applications on the portable storage device by  running the installer inside MojoPac.  MojoPac has a remarkable ability to copy files from your host machine to MojoPac’s virtual machine.


MojoPac  has a password protection system that prevents a person from starting its Virtual Environment. Since MojoPac performs virtualization, it does not affect the host system.It will also not affect the PC it is connected to and the PC also will not affect MojoPac. It is completely private and secure.Your applications, Browsing History and your data is not stored on the PC you are connecting it to. Deleting files on MojoPac will not delete them from your the Host Machine.

Just plug in your MojoPac in any PC and instantly access  your own desktop with your own applications.

Although the process takes time to wrap around your brain but still If you’ve never tried setting  up a virtual machine, then may I suggest that you should try MojoPac. Also Try PortableApps which is stocked with free programs that will run directly from a  thumb drive without requiring installation.

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