Bomgar – Remote Support Software for Enterprise Remote Desktop Control Access

Bomgar is a remote access software that is widely used in IT industry where the remote assistance and recovery is required at every step. Bomgar is a multi-platform remote support software and has a whole lot of features that will help you to better achieve more productivity and provides user friendly interface.The software works on the Client Server Architecture where the client is connected to the virtual server or racked appliances through multiple firewalls. The software initiates its activities by initiating its connection from the client to the Bomgar appliance server via port numbers 80 and 443. The connection is installed in the DMZ domain so that the connection is independent and free from any outside intrusions. It is due to this property that facilitates the support company to reach its client in a better and advanced way. The existing configurations on the firewalls may not be needed to be configured and Bomgar system allows the outbound traffic but it blocks the inbound traffic.


The client can be reached even if it doesn’t have Bomgar software installed on his machine. This will require him to initiate a session and before that the Bomgar Client Software needs to be installed. When the session expires the software uninstalls itself automatically.

Bomgar Box: This is a remote support solution developed by the company. This box enables the support staff to access the screen, mouse and keyboard of the client. This works on all platforms and through all the firewalls.

The company was started in 2003 as a middleware service between desktop and the outside world. The software has the following features:

a. File Transfer and Session Recording
b. Multi-platform remote supports and runs across Windows, Linux, Mac and Blackberry.
c. Multiple Third party connections and support
d. Chat feature
e. 256 bit SSL secured and much more…

Now there is a million dollar question as to what are the benefits does this software can provide to the IT industry and why this software is better than its counterparts?

To illustrate on the above points, here are some of the benefits of the software:

a. Security: The Bomgar Box™ is the proprietary of the company and uses advanced techniques and makes management of several user accounts a breeze. The software uses the LDAP and RADIUS directories for authentication and authorization.

b. Share and Group Your Resources: Now you can save a lot of money using this software. The interface configures the existing databases and other shared resources in a highly interactive and transparent way. This facilitates the better management and troubleshooting of them.

c. Constant User Tracking and Authentication: Using the patented Bomgar™, you can constantly track the users and you can edit your status and settings.

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  1. Taylor says:

    I see where I can request a 7-day trial of Bomgar but I haven’t found information about prices for a quick reference on the website. I run s small IT business and I’m looking for a cost-effective remote support tool. So far, I have been evaluating a 15-day free trial of Techinline ( and it seems to meet my requirements in terms of features and affordable pricing.

  2. Sean Rimbick says:

    I’m familiar with Techinline too and would add it to the list of remote support tools for small IT business. One of the easiest and cost-effective product as I think.
    Will surely give Bomgar a try, looks like an interesting product.

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