Blogging When it is Boring

Yawn. Do I really, really have to update my blog today? I mean, is it really that important? Can’t I put it off for another week or so? We have all felt like that from time to time. We get burnt out and exhausted as bloggers. After all, many of us have other jobs and considerations like children to deal with on top of blogging. Blogging alone can be an exhaustive job but when you add in all the other ins and outs of life you are left empty. But what can you do to keep going even when blogging seems boring or dull? Here are a few ways to get back to writing and bring new life to your blogging career:

  1. Just write – One thing I have learned in my years of blogging is that sometimes it is just best to rip of the Band-Aid. I mean, just get it over with quickly. When you are not in the mood to write you can give in to procrastination which will only make you fall further and further behind. Instead, fight the urge to put it off and just sit down and write. Even if you do not have an idea of what to write the point is to get the words flowing. I have had many times in my life that I have sat down to write with no ideas and after a few sentences about how much I hate to write and how stupid I feel I get my brain into gear and a great idea comes forth. The very act of sitting down and moving your fingers activates the writing part of your brain and can give you inspiration despite your best efforts. Any way you look at it if you can just get started at east you will have something accomplished. Often getting started is the hardest part. Do not let yourself put it off. Before your brain even has a chance to grumble and complain sit down and start writing!
  2. Have fun with it – Another thing that bloggers often overlook is the fact that blogging should be fun. After all you did not start your blog with the mindset that you hated it and never wanted to work on it again. Although you may have gotten to that point after all this time working on it try to remember why you started your blog in the first place. By bringing back that same feeling you had at the beginning it is easy to bring fun and enjoyment back into your blog and make it something to look forward to working on instead of dreading it. You can also work on focusing on making your blog fun for readers. Once you focus outside of yourself you will find it is harder to be selfish and think only of how much you hate to write. Instead you will be thinking about what you can give your readers and how thankful you are for each and every one of them.
  3. Get creative – Speaking of making your blog more fun one way to do that is to get creative with your blog. Many times bloggers get stuck in a rut and sort of lose themselves in the same old dull writing day after day. If you always write the same way about the same topic then you should shake it up a bit. Not only will it inspire you to want to write but it will also give your readers something new too. You can do anything from a poem about your blog’s topic to a silly story to an obvious exaggeration or so on. I find that humor is a great way to break up boredom and that readers love funny posts too. Get creative and think outside your normal parameters in your next bog post. Who knows? You could end up having a lot of fun and changing your whole attitude about blogging!
  4. Use multimedia – If you just can’t bring yourself to write yet another boring article and you do not feel like being creative with your writing then there is an easy alternative. Suing multimedia like images,infographics, charts or videos is a great way to add content without actually having to write very much. Images bring readers to your blog because they catch their eye. Many bloggers forget how visual readers are. If you add something they can see without reading they will often stop and check it out. After all a picture is worth a thousand words and that is a thousand less words you have to write. Infographics are very popular with readers and social media too. Places like Pinterest and Tumblr thrive on images and infographics. Videos can easily be imported from YouTube or even created in a snap with web cameras or screen caps. It does not take a lot of imagination to see the uses for multimedia on your blog.
  5. Keep it short – When you are just not in the mood to blog there is something that you can always fall back on. Short and sweet is the best. After all no one ever said you had to write a novel for each blog post, right? I have found that writing between five hundred and two thousand words is the prime amount. Anything less than five hundred words just looks like you are not trying and search engines do not like it much either. But anything more than two thousand words seems to be overwhelming for your typical time crunched reader. Falling in between this amount of words is a great way to blog in a hurry and not feel guilty about it. After all, you are only doing what the readers demand.
  6. Make lists – Another way to come up with a blog post quick and in a hurry is to make a list. Lists are great because you can really do them no matter what is going on in your life. Create a list and then go back and talk about each point. You can even spend just five minutes on each point spread out throughout your day and no one is the wiser. Lists keep you on task and it doesn’t matter if they are choppy because they are a list! Readers love lists too. Lists chop up the text into easily read little bits. Plus they can scan the list and only read the points that apply to them. Even Google gets in on the list thing. There are tons of commonly searched terms like “Top Ten” and “5 Best”.
  7. Keep notes – I find that by the time I get to my desk my ideas have gone out the window. That is why I have taken to carrying a pen and note pad with me wherever I go. As I get ideas, in the line at the grocery store, pumping gas, eating dinner, I jot down the idea. Not just a word or two either. I forget even more that way! Instead I write down all the points and a brief outline of what it should look like. Then when I sit down to write with no ideas I pick up my notepad and I have instant blog fodder. It makes it so much faster to write and takes a lot of strain off my memory too. There is nothing worse than having a great idea and losing it before you can get it down!
  8. See something new – Sometimes we find blogging boring because we get stuck in a rut in our own lives. We ate the same meals, see the same people, drive the same route to work day in and day out. Shake it up and get new ideas by doing and seeing something new. Go out to eat at a new ethnic restaurant you have never tried before. Visit a section of your city you have not seen or a museum with weird modern art. Stretch your brain and make it think in new ways. I guarantee you will come up with new ideas and things to write about from your experiences. Even a walk at a new park can open your eyes to new things.
  9. Read a lot – One thing that writers often forget is that writers are readers first. If you have nothing in your brain then how can anything come out? Recently I was struck with writer’s block and I could not figure out how to get over it. Then I took a few days off from writing and just read. I read everything. Fiction, nonfiction, news, funny stories, the back of the shampoo bottle. After a few days I had all kinds of new things I wanted to write about. I had learned so much and was inspired to share my new knowledge. Sometimes it is about putting in a little to make up for everything you put out. An empty well can’t quench your thirst so make sure to fill your well from time to time and not just empty it!
  10. Get angry – If you are really just bored with what you are writing then look at it a different way. What makes you mad about your blog’s topic? Do people mess it up a lot? Do they take it for granted? Do they fail to read directions? Or maybe something in the news caught your eye. Is the government doing something stupid? Did your city tear down a historic location to put up a parking garage? Did your local grocery store double its prices? Whatever makes you mad, upset or passionate is what you should be writing about. That passion makes your writing real and vibrant. I guarantee you won’t be counting your words when you write about something you feel strongly about.
  11. Edit later – Last but not least, edit your blog post later. After you are done writing it. I have found out that I am a terrible fiddler when I am not in the mood to write. I will use any excuse to fool around and take up my time instead of writing. One of those ways is to go back and edit every sentence I write. If I do that then I never get done and I lose track of whole thought. Instead I try to ignore the red underlines of my misspelling and the green ones from my grammar errors and just keep writing. Then when I am done I go back and fix the underlined parts. Then I go back and read it over to make sure it all makes sense and flows together. If I tried to do all that as I wrote I would still be writing my last blog post right now!

There are many ways you can overcome boredom and get your blog post written. Updating your blog is important but I really do understand that you may not always be in the mood to do so. Hopefully I was able to help you think of a few ways to get your writing back on track and your blog post written. Good luck and happy blogging!

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  1. Seo Overture says:

    Hi to write a blog it is so boring thing when ever i try to write blog get bord what should i do to remove this i think you always keep on writing blog please give me a suggestion …..!!!

  2. Jerry chi says:

    To write is sometimes boring and you’ll often run out of post ideas.
    But i am always encouraged by the results of my posts.
    Great post.

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