Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media

Social media and social networking have grown to quite an extent over the past two years. For businesses around the world and startup bloggers, they have always desperately needed the ability for the automatic and constant promotion of their content. The great part is that there are many more exciting plugins using which content is allowed to be promoted by the readers. The world of blogs has finally also been put under the system of checks and balances. Thus the creation of good content not only results in the approval of the content from the large number of readers, but also results in the appraisal and promotion of the content as well.

wordpress plugins for social media

There used to be days when every individual social media bookmarklet had to be manually added. Furthermore, the theme would get messed up because of the cluster of 18 tiny images at bottom of every post that would annoy the readers quite a lot. Those days are certainly gone all thanks to the WordPress plugins for social media.

The great thing about these plugins is that the same thing is basically done by them. The ability of effortlessly integrating such content into a blog is an ideal aspect of these WordPress plugins. As far as ensuring that a blog does not look amateur and social bookmarking is kept easy, organized and quick, these finest plugins various aesthetic and functional features.


The fact that the appearance of the ShareThis plugin can be quickly customized to match with a site without messing with the theme, is a likeable thing about this WordPress plugin. Content can be submitted with the plugin to almost any social media platform with merely a few clicks. As far as the look is concerned, there are a variety of appearance-related options that people can edit during the configuration process to make it exactly match a site.


An unusually aesthetic, but a good option for social bookmarking is offered by this plugin. The internet is taken by storm by this new bookmark plugin. This plugin is not only known for its functionality but it even fits right into websites with minimally interfering with the design if the number of options is kept to a minimum.

Wibiya Toolbar

In the world of blogs, this plugin can be considered quite an asset. Apart from giving blog readers an easy way to submit the blog’s content to social media, a variety of additional interaction and functionality is also added to the blog by the Wibiya Toolbar. After the Wibiya Toolbar is installed, a toolbar is available to the readers at the bottom of every blog page, which allows them to search content and submit to social media.

Social Bookmarks

The simple name of this plugin perfectly explains its capabilities. A text link is added to the bottom of every blog post by the Social Bookmarks plugin and a drop down menu with icons for each supported social media site is delivered when it is clicked. After submission, a post can be kept clutter-free by hiding the buttons.

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  1. Nice Work… Really awesome collection of plugins but m going to use sexy bookmarks

  2. Rohit Batra says:

    I think you forgot to Add Digg Digg in your List.. I use it only for Floating menus..

  3. i am using social bookmarks its also fit in my theme, nice share, keep it up….

  4. shenoyjoseph says:

    social media plugins definitely helps us to share your news to different social networking sites kike facebook, twitter and digg etc

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