Best Ways to Get Ideas for your Future Articles

If you are a writer then you must be knowing how difficult it is to get ideas for your upcoming articles. Getting ides for your upcoming posts is not always an easy task – sometimes it seems impossible to think about a new topic. I also face such problems often and I know in such situation writing a worth reading article becomes an arduous task but from my experience I have developed my own strategy of getting ideas for writing articles.

blog post ideasHere are the 5 best ways to get ideas for your Future Articles:

  1. Visiting Forums: Forums are one of the best place to get ideas for writing appealing and useful articles. People come to forums from all over the world and share, asks their problems and give solutions. There you can easily leverage the opportunity to get article ideas for your blogs.
  2. Blog Comment Section:  Try to find out other blogs of your niche and visit their comment section, you can get dozens of ideas for writing your new articles from the comments made by the users.
  3. Question and Answer Sites: If you are having an expertise in certain field then a question and answer websites could be a great source of getting ideas. Try to be an active participant in 1-2 question & answers website and you can easily know what are various problems a user is facing in a particular category. You can then write an article containing the solution of that problem.  Some of the great sites are Yahoo answers, Wiki Answers, Google Answers etc.
  4. Social Bookmarking Websites: Websites like Digg, Reddit could be also used for getting blog post ideas. There you can find trending topics in your niche and and you could get an idea about what topics people like to read more.
  5. Discussions & Meetups: If you are an active blogger then possible you always get a chance to attend several blogging Meetups. In there you can get number of ideas for writing good articles. You can also start discussions with your fellow bloggers to get ideas for your blog posts.

Ideas can also come from various newspapers and news magazines. Try to subscribe to various online news sites which might be helpful in generating few ideas for your new blog post.

Although no one like spam, but there are many typically promoted concepts that may come back from spam emails. Perhaps a spam offers you a postpaid Visa card. Then you may think of writing a review on postpaid Visa cards  or something related to Visa Cards. Now you know how to get ideas for your upcoming articles, so what are you waiting for? Start writing!

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  1. Petr says:

    Another source of ideas can be your competition, it means other bloggers.It is true that the discussion forums are valuable source of inspiration, such as the Warrior Forum or Digitalpoint.

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