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Ubuntu is world’s favorite Linux OS. The tagline “Linux For Human Beings” rightly lives up to its name. The internet is flooded with thousands of beautiful themes for Ubuntu. Thus we have tried to provide you the list of 5 most beautiful and interesting themes that can be used on any version of Ubuntu.

1. MyDesk: MyDesk is an amazing theme for ubuntu users. This theme has a cool looking transparent menu along with attractive color scheme to make the theme visually appealing. If you are looking for a theme with great visuals then this is a perfect theme for you.



2. London Smoke: This is a GTK2 theme which is based on the ceebeebg’s mockup.



3. Orta: It is based on Gnome 2.x. This theme has amazing visuals and a cool looking transparent menu bar.



4. Paranoid: It is a  Gnome gtk2 Desktop Theme which runs on Murrine, Equinox and Pixbuff Engines.



5. Moomex Ubuntu Theme: This theme is very elegant with a complete and consistent look.UbuntuDesktopThemesmoomex


6. Dark Ice: This is a GTK2 theme which is based on the Metacity engine. Many new and transparent frames have been added along with attractive color scheme to make the theme visually appealing. New Scroll bars and Progress bars have been added.


7. Clear UFO: This simple and elegant theme is another GTK2.x based. The theme seems to have some issues with Open Office kindly refer to the documentation before installing it.


8. MacOS-X Aqua Theme: This theme is one of the most downloaded themes from the official website of the GNOME. This simple GTK2 theme can be installed in the following easy steps:

a. If you have downloaded the old version of this theme before then you must remove it first. The following command will do exactly that:
rm –Rf ~/.themes/MacOS-X
b. Download this file from the link given below and unpack then zip file that is downloaded
tar zxf 13548-Gnome_MacOS-X_Aqua_Theme_20040730.tar.gz
c. Move the entire folder to the .theme directory under the name of “MacOS-X”
mv MacOs-X ~/.themes


9. Linsta: This elegant theme has been released in several versions. The theme closely resembles to the Windows Vista. The theme has been tested successfully on many other distributions of the Linux. There are some issues with the menu and progress bars, you should see the site before installing it.


10. Industrial II: This GDM based theme was initially designed for the netbooks and is based on an old theme that was situated in the repositories of Ubuntu. The icons and images used in this theme are very simple.


Installing Themes

The following are the general steps that you must follow to install these themes:

  1. First of all download the archive files from the download links given above.
  2. After you have downloaded the file then you install it by pointing to the Appearance Preferences -> install Theme.

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  1. they are great…especially the mac os one! 🙂

  2. plaban says:

    I like the Dark Ice and Clear UFO theme. I’ll going to install these in Ubuntu. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Emaar Kasbati says:

    i liked clear ufo… others are great but not that cool…

  4. Loved Dark Ice..
    can you give for Windows 7 too ?

  5. Vikram says:

    Nice themes. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. sneha says:

    Ultimate themes,liked them aadi!

  7. tekut says:

    are those themes from 1998?

  8. Awesome looking skins man.. Why didn’t upi posted this before when I have given tried to Ubuntu, really I didn’t liked their default skin.

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