Best Sites For Testing Your Typing Speed

In today’s modern world computer is being used in nearly every sector. People working on these computers need to know their typing speed in order to further enhance their typing skills if required. Today we would tell you about various sites for performing typing speed test. So here are the best sites for testing your typing speed :

typing speed test

1. Typing Web

This free website allows you to learn the art of typing using a series of tutorials which you can read online and improve your typing speed. You can start out by using the top row or the home row tutorial and then moving on to the bottom row tutorials. In order to use the typing counter, you have to sign up which is free. After you have improved your typing speed you can even apply for various certifications provided by the website.

2. TypeOnline

This is one of the most popular and common websites where you can test your typing speed online. The interface of this website is simple and easy to use. As soon as you logon to the website there is a navigation bar on the left hand side where you can select the option typing speed test or other tests that are displayed there. There would be a sample text which will be taken from a novel and click on the Start Test button to start the typing test. Once you are finished with the test click on the Finish Test button to know your result.

3. 10 Fast Fingers

This is another popular website where you can check your typing speed online. You just need to open the website and then start the typing speed test for which you have to type certain random words given in a sentence. You have one minute to type in as much words as you can. Once the time gets over you will get results along with other parameters like errors made, number of correct words etc. There is a ranking list that is maintained by the website which rates your performance as compared to other people who have taken the test.

4. Typing Test

The sites provides the user ability to test typing speed in various languages like English, Italiano, Deutsch etc. Typing test site also allows you to choose test duration and text for performing the typing speed test. Site also offers a unique web based typing tutor which can really help in improving your typing speed.

5. Keybr

This website is different from the other sites in the list in a sense that it provides you a virtual keyboard assistant that highlights all your keystrokes. Site also creates graph for your day by day performance in order to compare your performance. You can even import content of various sites into Keybr and use that text for testing your typing speed.

If you use any other sites for testing your typing speed do share the name of those websites with us.

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  1. I have heard and reviewed about Keybr, it is the best online tool for typing resource…

  2. John Snedeker says:

    Taking a free typing test is a good way to measure your typing speed. However, before you take the test, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to be a champion typist.

    One, accuracy is more important than speed. Second, if you have to type, do it right with eyes fixed on the screen and both hands positioned correctly over the keyboard. And finally, get a comfortable chair and keep your back straight. Slouching over your computer is definitely not going to help your typing speed!

  3. cursedboy says:

    Basically I use tying tutor to check my level and skill but if we can our typing speed online, will surely give try to these web services.

    Thanks to author for such a nice information.

  4. Adam says:

    Love the list but it should be updated

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