Best Thin And Light Weight Laptops

There is a number of laptop brands, available in market, but only few of them offer the sleekest designs. Let’s have a look at the 5 most attractive and sleek design laptops available in the market.

1. Apple Mac book air

Apple-MacBook-AirDesigned by apple Inc, this ultra thin laptop is the sleekest of all laptops. It’s a laptop that weighs almost nothing. It has the latest Intel core i5 and i7 processors. Hence the processing is three times faster. Two screen sizes are available: 11 inches and 13 inches. Following are the details for the two models:

A11 inch model: Intel core i5 processor, Weight 2.38 pounds, width 11.8 inches, 64 GB flash storage which is upgradeable up to 128 GB, RAM 2 GB.

B. 13 inch model: Intel core i7 processor, weight 2.96 pounds, width 12.8 inches, 128GB flash storage which is upgradeable up to 256GB, RAM 4GB.

It provides a backlit keyboard for easy typing even in the dimmest light. A built in light sensor detects changing in ambient light conditions and adjusts the keyboard brightness automatically. It provides a high resolution display. Its high definition camera provides the finest images. The multi touch track pad makes scrolling so easy that it seems like touching whatever we see. Battery life is good. It provides five to seven hours of battery life on a single charge. This is the best choice for a person looking for a sleek stylish laptop.

2. Dell latitude E4200

dell latitude laptop

Dell developed this amazing stylish sleek laptop to meet the requirements of people looking for quality with style. Its premium magnesium alloy construction gives it a nice look. It has an amazing finish which adds to its beauty. Its width is 11.8 inches. It has a solid state drive technology which provides improved data protection. It comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo SU9300 processor and a display screen of 12.1 inches. The HDD capacity is 64GB and installed memory size is 2GB. RAM size upgradeable up to 5GB.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad X300


This light weight laptop has a 13.3 inches display screen. It has an Intel core 2 duo SL 7100 processor. The installed HDD is 64 GB and installed memory is 1 GB. RAM can be upgraded up to 4 GB. Extremely light model weighing 3.2 lbs with a width of 12.5 inches. The model comes with preloaded genuine Microsoft windows vista. It’s equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. A 1.3 megapixel camera provides fine quality images. Full size keyboard and fingerprint reader are some other highlighted features of this model. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

4. Toshiba portege R500-S5001x


Designed by Toshiba, this laptop comes with Intel core duo processor. The configuration is 1GB RAM with 120GB HDD storage. It weighs 2.4 lbs. Its light weight is an outcome of the research work by Toshiba design experts. The width is 11.1 inch. Its brightest LED display provides the best sharp images. Its white color keypad and aluminum silver color body gives it a royal look altogether. It comes loaded with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. The best part is the three years service support warranty from Toshiba.

Toshiba always been a reputed brand after inventing the first laptop and hence this product is a blend of quality with style.

5. Samsung X360


This is an extreme lightweight laptop designed by Samsung Corporation. It has a 13.3 inch display screen and one of the brightest screens. It’s powered by the Intel core2duo U9400 processor, for rapid processing. Total HDD storage capacity is 128GB and installed memory is 3GB. It weighs just 3.7lbs and width measures 12.2 inches. It comes preloaded with Microsoft windows Vista business and includes software’s like McAfee antivirus and adobe acrobat reader. The battery life is fantastic lasting 8 hours on a single charge.

These laptops are the best in the class of sleekest laptops as they provide sleek stylish looks with amazing features. Having powerful features and innovative & sleek style; these laptops are widely popular among the youths.

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