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Internet is an important part of our lives. We always want to remain in touch with our loved ones and friends on internet. To enjoy communication with friends and relatives online or to surf the world of websites one should have a fast internet connection. It can get very frustrating and irritating if we need to wait for minutes in order to just check our emails or surf a website. Here are some of the best sites that will check your internet connection speed and you can make sure that you are getting correct speed according to your internet plan.

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This is the best site out there that can measure the speed of your internet connection from various servers around the globe. This website requires Java to be pre-installed on the client computer. Once you open the website, you can select the server from the world map displayed on the website and it would start the internet speed test. Usually a server nearest to your location is recommended for a more accurate speed test and the website does this automatically for you and display the server nearest to your location. The site will test both the upload and download speeds for your internet connection.

2. Broadband Speed checker

Broadband speed checker website has been featured on various important public portals and other sites. The website interface contains two speedometers, the first one displays the internet connection speed and second meter shows the progress of the test being performed. There are two tests that are performed by the website namely Download and Upload test.


This site is another way through which you can check the speed of your internet connection. If you don’t care about the data storage and time needed for the test and simply care about the accuracy then this site is one of the best site for the purpose. There are certain basic tips that are given on the website to make sure that you get the most accurate internet test speed results.


Internet Frog test the speed of your internet connection and rate your connection speed with respect to the previous test results of other users. After checking your speed it displays a chart illustrating the time it would take you to download a file from the internet. Apart from testing the internet connection speed the website also offers a number of tools such as Anti-Spyware, Virus Scan Software, IP Address Look-up and much more.


This is another simple and easy to use website that gives you accurate internet speed test results without any hassles. The website conducts the upload and download tests which will reveal the upload and download speeds of the internet connection.

If you like to use any other site other than the above mentioned sites for checking your internet speed do share the name of that website with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Kamna Chawla says:

    Thanx for this post, I used some of these sites to test my Internet Speed and through results I get to know the true speed of my Internet.

  2. James Allen says:

    I do agree as well that internet is important in our daily lives for it serve as one of the best and easiest way to have a better family ties.And checking our internet speed can help a lot in determining if our internet providers grant their claims for the number of mbps you applied for. And aside from that internet speed guide can help a lot in giving important tips for having an internet savvy connection that I’m sure you would love to avail. [ internet speed guide (dot) com ]

  3. Ashley says:

    I knew about a while back but didn’t know about the others until now. Certainly appreciate the options offered here. Other than internet speed, do you have a list of the best website speed testers out there?

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