Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) eBooks

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessity that anyone who is thinking of or pursuing blogging as a career should learn how to write articles that are search engine optimized. There are umpteen information available out in the market and let us explore the best of the five SEO eBooks that has suited me to optimize my blog for better search engine optimization (SEO). Here comes the list of the five best SEO eBooks from the bookshelves of SEO eBooks.


1. The Art of SEO:

This book, the Art of SEO is the Bible for Search Engine Optimization. This book has more than 500 pages and the quality of the pages has not been compromised for the volume of the book. 500 pages are quite voluminous to exercise the SEO rules into practice. What this books deals about is mainly the concepts of SEO strategies, concepts and tactics, which are being penned down by more than one authors. Authors give their glimpse of specialization in SEO optimization, which makes this book to give a holistic approach to the topic. Some of the authors who have contributed to this book pages are Stephan Spencer, Eric Enge, Rand Fishkin and Jessica Stricchiola. The book has so much to offer that this will not get very soon outdated.

2. Web Analytics 2.0:

There is no point in calling yourself an SEO expert if you are not aware of Web Analytics platform. The details for this comes in the book Web Analytics 2.0, which helps in gaining insights into Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics or any other tool of SEO for that matter. SEO analytics are nothing out in the market without having knowledge on web analytics packages, and this book is sure to help you in becoming a Ninja a SEO analyst.

3. Letting Go Of The Words:

SEO content writers are forced to change their style of writing to fit in the SEO keywords into the titles, headlines, image captions and other places on the page, which many a times result in not giving the content that the readers are looking for. When you are at this cross road of reader’s requirement and usage of SEO keywords for SEO optimization then this is the book that you should read which would help you to strike the right balance.

4. Marketing In The Age Of Google:

This great book is useful for using SEO to explain at the level of executives. Former Googler Vanessa Fox has written this book with clear illustration of the vital concepts of search engines and SEO in a very simple and understandable language, even by a layman who has no computer background. This is a very useful tool for those who are new to the field of SEO because I used this when I started doing SEO myself for my gotomeeting promo code and gotowebinar promo code blog. This helps you to understand the concepts of SEO very easily and makes this less complicated.

5. Don’t Make MeThink:

The best search engine optimizers know that SEO and website usability are in separable. You are not going to work on optimization of articles and products that are not relevant to your business, and would not like to lose the readership and regular visitors. You could avoid this from happening by preventing your website from becoming more confusing and difficult to skim and scan. For this to happen, read this book doesn’t make me think and you will keep your readers away from thinking of where to find the next related article.

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