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When considering what photo organizing software to use for your images, decide first how you want to use it. Some are great at finding and organizing images, others excel at editing, still others are great for import and export and some only let you view the images in various ways or publish them to the Internet. Tags, where images can be identified with all types of keyword information, are a must. Here’s a list of eight software packages, all free downloads, that focus on one or more of these functions.

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1. Picasa 3

This image organizer from Google puts your collection of photos in a time-line format, with the most recent images sitting at the top . It’s well suited for on-line web sharing of images. You can do some image correction and create full-screen slide shows. Picasa can be linked to Google’s Picasa Web Albums and one gigabyte of free storage.

2. Windows Live Photo Gallery

This free application from Microsoft works best at finding photo images on your local drives. Though this software runs faster and intrudes far less on your work than some of the others, this software does seem like a pared down version of Picasa when it comes to image editing, slide shows and printing. You can, though, publish or email photos from the software quite easily.

3. FastStone Image Viewer v4.6

This software is excellent at organizing and editing your image files. Tags and embedded info are easy to view. But where this software shines is image editing — it is extraordinarily easy to make fine adjustments or re-size images. The Import function in the latest version is especially fine.

4. Zoner Photo Studio 13

This software just looks like something a professional photographer would use and it works even better than you expect. This free download is a pared-down package of the “Pro” and “Home” versions you can buy from the same company, so imagine what those paid packages must be like. Functionally, you get three modules: an organizer, an image viewer and an image editor. All three are intuitive and quick to learn. What you don’t get are the easy ability to share and publish your images.

5. XNView

This excellent piece of software, supported in forty-four languages, has great image editing features. Import works for over three hundred graphic formats; export puts out fifty graphic formats — that’s a good mix. For help in organizing your images by keywords, you get EXIF meta-data support. But, this software only offers fair-to-good functionality for publishing and slide shows. There is a version of this software for Mac and Linux machines called XNView MP.

6. Magix Photo Manager 10

For software that takes care of all the photo organizing functions in a decent manner, you can get this one. You can organize and archive our images into collections and albums; editing includes such basic features as rotation, cropping, optimizing and adding titles; you can categorize images by criteria like motif or date. We’re not giving faint praise here, because this is good software. In fact, an extra feature is that you can import a video clip. Let’s call this one the Swiss Army Knife of photo image organizing software.

7. JetPhoto Studio

Organization and publishing are this software’s focus. You can add some digital effects to your images within this software, but that’s not its purpose. You can edit keywords, descriptions or geo-data into tags for images. You can publish images to the Internet and still modify them there. Tags, notes and keywords help you find your images on your local drives — you can also search by date and time. Best of all, you can download versions for both Windows and the Mac.

8. SunlitGreen Photo Manager

Publishing and organization are also the focus of this free application. Tags and keywords let you save digital images in albums and folders easily by category. Sharing your images on the Internet is just as easy. Navigation is very intuitive and it’s easy to change, delete or re-name the folders, tags and names of the images that you use to navigate through your image collection.

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  1. Rohit Batra says:

    Well in these I have used only Picasa & Windows photo gallery..looks like most of them don’t know about the rest of them..

  2. manish says:

    I think, Picasa 3 Is Best Among The List For Photo Organizing…

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