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iOS 5 is one of the latest software upgrade with a whole lot of new features giving a tough competition to the Android’s latest Gingerbread. Despite the fact that they have borrowed some ideas from Android, iOS 5 still has its own innovative applications for providing enhanced productivity to their users.

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Let us sneak into some of the most popular and the most useful 6 iOS 5 features in the market:

  1. Drop Box for iCloud:

If there is one feature that is commendable, then that is Drop Box, which synchronizes data over iCloud on all of your iOS devices. The files that could be synchronized using this application will include documents, photos, contacts and music on all of your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. This is a free service and will not require any payment, so you can happily keep yourself connected with your office on the go. In short, using drop box, you can view the same document via multiple iOS devices that are synchronized. This application is much smoother for files and documents but not for photos and videos.

  1. Twitter at the core:

The integration of Twitter with iOS 5 makes it to be the de facto social network on iOS devices. The integration of Twitter account into the iOS seem to work very well without any hassles that the platform looks like the way you access Twitter account on your personal computer giving you no clue of using it on a iPad or iPhone. What is more interesting is that the process of integrating Twitter with more and more applications like Siri is still under the process.

  1. Photo editing:

This is possible with iOS 5 platform that you can edit the photos before sharing. The application that you will using for this editing process in iPhoto Touch, which permits some of the minor editing features like cropping, rotating and making minor adjustments, and this application do not require the application of third party applications for operation.

  1. News stand:

This application delivers news messages seamlessly without any hindrances using this application Newsstand. For this to work effectively you should be reading news of only those papers that you are subscribed to. The latest issues of magazines and newspapers that you are subscribed to    could be digitally downloaded using this application.

  1. Find My Friends:

This is one of the social applications that will help you to track your friends back in touch and is one of the coolest feature that is being offered by an OS for sharing info about you with your friends, colleagues and relatives. The killer feature of this application is to update during live concerts and live conferences.

  1. Wi-Fi Sync:

Now with the availability of Wi-Fi this is possible to synchronize the iOS devices using Wi-Fi access and this is much more powerful than the use of Bluetooth if you intend to work offline and USB cable if you intend to work on online synchronization. This is kind of synchronization is much required when you want to synchronize iTunes account over Wi-Fi.

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  1. Eric Lenhard says:

    Yeah, iOS 5 is just great, much better than this geeky Andriod stuff.

  2. librezine says:

    The reality is that iOS 5 is much better than any mobile OS 😀

  3. iOS 5 is the best of all versions..

    Just updated my phone to it and get bunch of new features to enjoy…

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