Best Free WordPress Rating Plugins For Review sites

WordPress is  the largest open source blogging platform in the world. There are thousands of plugins available online to enhance or add certain functionalities in WordPress. One such category of plugins is the Rating plugins oftenly used by the review sites. Most of the review sites always have a rating mechanism on their site so that the users can rate each individual post or product.


Even Google.Com shows star ratings in Google search results page. This is a great advantage for the review sites as displaying ratings in Google search results would help them in increasing the CTR. Here is the list of Top 5 Free WordPress Rating Plugins :

1. GD Start Rating

It is one of the best Rating plugins available for the wordpress users. This plugin allows you set up advance rating and review system for your posts and comments. It also allows you to add a sidebar widget which displays top ratings as well as some other statistics. Though the plugin is free but it’s support is not free. But you can easily install and use it using the official tutorials available on the website.

2. WP-Post Ratings

It adds a simple but great Ajax rating system on your blog’s page or post. It allows you to embed other post ratings in your different pages or posts. It also allows the admin to edit various rating options like ratings image, ratings template etc.

3. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

It allows you to create various ratings and polls from your Wordpress dashboard itself. You can easily customize your polls by choosing one of the 20 different styles available. It comes with a rating editor that allows you to fully customize various ratings and just like GD Start Rating you can display a top rated widget in the sidebar. This widget shows various top rated posts, pages and comments based on daily, weekly and monthly ratings.

4. Comment Rating

This plugin allows the readers to rate user comments in like vs. dislike fashion. Once the users give their ratings, the comments can be styled accordingly like highly rated comments can be highlighted. The plugin also stops fraud rating by allowing one vote per IP address.

5. Comment Rating Widget

This is an add-on to the Comment Rating plugin discussed above. As the name suggests this plugin would provide you with an option to add a widget in the sidebar which can display recent comments along with their ratings. The plugin has the ability to separate trackbacks/pingbacks from the comments and it can even ignore comments made on posts under certain categories.

If you prefer to use any other rating plugin on your wordpress blog/site, do share the name of the plugin with us by leaving a comment below.

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