Best Free Online SEO tools to Optimize Your Website for More Traffic

Are you a webmaster looking for free seo tools online? If yes, You are at the right place; we are going to discuss about Top 5 free seo tools online. SEO is very important, if you want to have a good website or blog and want to spread it to more readers and followers you will definitely need help of seo. It is a well known saying that if content is king then SEO is queen. With search engine optimization you can spread your content more virally over internet and get millions of readers and if your content is good you can convert them to your loyal followers. I have recently worked with a team of SEO expert that was working for a online mobile shop that do not had much sales, When we equipped them with social Media and SEO strategy to spread their products in a better way their Traffic and sales increased by 30% just in a month. Which further went increasing and they are now selling 3 times more mobiles then they were selling without SEO and social media.

Top 5 Free SEO tools online to increase traffic

We will be discussing the Top 5 Free tools available Online to check, enhance and strategize your Website SEO. These tools if used efficiently can convert your website into a gold mine.

1. Google SEO Tools (webmaster, Analytics and Adword): Google is numero uno when it comes to search engine or SEO tools. There are many tools from Google that are built to equip you with more information, detailed analytics and Keyword research for your website. Google webmaster monitors your website and provide better control on your search engine ranking. Analytics provide you all the details that are necessary to know what traffic is coming in and what are flaws of your website. The Google Adword tool is another most looked after tool that provide you with detailed Keyword research and other market information to strategize your website campaign.

2. SEOMOZ site explorer: SeoMoz is a well known utility online to analyze your content with onpage qualities like HTML Tags, outbound links and inbound links, Meta tags and other authority details Google search crawler will look into. This is a great toll but much like Google webmaster tool but when it comes to evolution and enhancement tracking it’s the best. The premium version will offer your more features and accurate details.

3. Link Diagnosis: It is a very popular free seo tool that checks your website over internet and finds backlinks and Anchors. This comes as a FireFox extension and can be downloaded and installed easily. It has more features and options which are secrets but you will start discovering them as you use it.

4. SEO worker: It is a SEO analysis tool available for free online and analyze and monitors your ranking potential of webpages. It searches google and other search engine to analyze your web page for Meta tags, title tags, keywords and more details to enhance the content. There is also a option to install it as a browser add on and it will give you more features.

5. Pingdom: I should have ranked it second but I saved it for last. Pingdom not only monitors your website but also your server and network. Pingdom tools help you to analyze speed of web page (you can also use GTmetrix or Google page speed), domain name settings and server and connection health.

I have tried my best to include almost all top useful tools. You can suggest more SEO tools that are available for free online.

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  1. Gaurang says:

    SEOmoz and Pingdom are really nice tools,which I came across through your post. Thanks for the share

  2. Sahil Kotak says:

    I’ve been using SEOmoz now since a long time and I must say it is a very good tool. I’m going to check out others now. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Ayush Gupta says:

    Pingdom really works for me. BTW you got back Adsense and new theme?

  4. Prathamesh says:

    I used webmaster, analytics and Adwords. Through this article I got to know about other different tools. Nice share.

  5. LinkDiagnosis is a great one. Now that yahoo site explorer is gone there is a big void in the backlink checking department and that site does a good job.

  6. AeroB says:

    Thanks! Great list of tools. If we talk about seo, I’ve got one more non-instalation tool which is worth mentioning – Colibritool. They have GA integration, keyword suggestions, backlinks checker, conversion memasurements, goals and more πŸ™‚

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