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Well, they say in history that this was not known how man learned to speak, and when he learned to speak this was only one language, but later God did not want human beings to be very united that he separated them by giving them the power to speak different languages. Whatever be the reason as to why and how human being speaks different languages and this being one of the reasons why they are named as social animal, they have figured a way out to cross the language barrier. Now with the advent of computer and internet technology it is possible to translate any language to a language that you can understand. Discussed here are some of the Best free online translators.

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1. World Lingo

This site is available for everyone and once coming to the home page of this site, all you will require to do is to choose and click on the machine for translation section, and choose the languages from which you want the text or the URL to be translated into the language of your preference. You will not be requiring doing anything else as this is a very powerful translating tool having built up with a very vast vocabulary. This is best to have an account for yourself if you are going to create an account for ease of use and if you are going to regularly use the translation tool. Visit World Lingo.

2. Freetranslation

This is a translation site with a difference. They offer their services for translating a wide range of manuscripts, which will involve translation of email correspondences, documents and other such services. They have more to offer than what you would be expecting from this site, that you are always going to leave having your job done well, when leaving this website. Besides, you will be finding this site also providing you with an opportunity to learn a language. Moreover, navigating this website is a pleasure some experience as it is much user-friendly. Visit Freetranslation.

3. Translation Langenberg is a multipurpose website, in which translation also forms part of the service rendered. They deal with limited number of languages, which includes Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, English, French, Russian, German and Chinese. You can do multiple translation of the same URL or website at a single go to a number of other languages. Whenever I feel I need translation for my weight watchers and ediets discount code blog then I go for only this tool, this always comes in handy. Visit Translation Langenberg.

4. Google Translate

Google translate is a free online translator, which instantly translates web and text pages and supports umpteen number of languages, helping you to cross the language barrier. Visit Google Translate.

5. Bing Translator

This is accredited by Microsoft and is better known as Microsoft translator, which offers a real-time and in-place translational service. This collaborative translation features combines the automatic translation technology making this a powerful online translating tool. Visit Bing Translator.

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  1. Akshay Jain says:

    Nice. I like It! Will going to try Lingo.

  2. Michelle says:

    I know that when they were building the tower of babel is where languages ​​were confused, and that’s where the languages ​​were born,
    but I use the google translator. I have never used the others, but when I need to look for is any of these
    happy evening!!!!!!!

  3. vinayaknagri says:

    Amazing post.. language translators are always helpful on the web. I would recommend Google Translate.

  4. Paul Kolden says:

    Google translator is very useful. i always use it when i want to have some instant translation of some of the stuffs that i have. ;.’;’

    Take care

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