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Music and media has become an important part of our lives. With the rapid advancement in the technology there are a number of music and video formats that have been made by different companies to suit their needs and requirements. So there is a need to have an all in one media player which can play almost all the major media formats available in the industry. Some of the best media players that is available for Windows 7 platform are :

best media player

1. Video LAN Player (VLC)

This is one of the best media player due to the reason that it is widely used across all the major computing platforms. The VLC player is lightweight, portable and the best part is it is open source which means that it is constantly developed and improved by the community of developers which are located all over the globe. Almost all the media formats are supported by this player and it can also be used as streaming media server. The player is capable of playing nearly all the audio and video file formats. VLC is accompanied by a number of skins and other enhancements which enhance the user experience.

2. Windows Media Player

It is the default media player for windows platform. This media player is capable of playing almost all the major video and audio formats. There are certain formats such as .FLV and .MP4 formats which are not supported by windows media player. According to us Microsoft can improve windows media player so that the users does not need to install any other media player.

3. Winamp

Winamp media player used to be the best media player in the industry few years ago. This player is accepted by a number of music fanatics mainly because of its music oriented features and interface design. Some of the features of Winamp include customizable skins, internet radio, flash support, plugins and much more.


This is another powerful media player that is designed for Windows 7 specially. The simple to use interface makes it very intuitive. The player supports a number of media formats such as MP2, MP3, MP4, FLV, AAC and much more. The player is available in a number of languages.

5. Songbird

This player is introduced by Mozilla which is known for its Firefox web browser and other products that have been developed by open source community. This player allows the users to develop their own skins or plugins to enhance the functionality of the player. Some of the inbuilt functions of this player include playback history, internet radio, iPod support and much more.

These were some of the best media players for windows 7. If you like any other media player for windows 7 other than the above mentioned media players do share the name of the media player with us by leaving a comment below.

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