Best Free GO launcher Themes for Android

Still having the same old classic Android home screen?? And you need some customization so that you can improve your Android experience. All your queries will be answered by the Go Launch Ex app for Android. Go Launcher Ex is one of the best apps that are available today for the home screen customization and theme installation for android users. This app improves your home screen in several ways and a dock menu is situated at the bottom of the screen so that you can easily customize various settings and you can also set certain gesture in order to launch this app. The dock menu has 5 icons which can be extended.

This app is currently available for the Android 2.2 and above versions and includes a power widget which takes up the width of the home screen. You can add or remove icons, resize the width of the screen, install or uninstall various apps from your home screen and much more. You can easily switch between the different screen by scrolling up and the thumbnail images will appear that allows you to manage them effortlessly.

This app is available in the Android market for free and is one of the best apps to customize your home screen and install various themes in your Android smart phones. Here are some of the best handpicked themes for Go Launcher Ex :

1. iPhone theme

iphone theme for android

2. Wood Theme

wood theme for android

3. Ink Theme

ink theme for android

4. Dark Green Theme

dark green theme for android

5. Festival Theme

festival theme for android

If you like any other free go launcher themes for android do share with us by leaving a comment below.

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    Festival Theme Is Very Great….

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