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Gaming has always bought fun to the life of billions of people since they were invented. Games can be played on many devices like PC’s, laptops and even on mobiles. Today I will be telling about games that can be played on iPhone. There are thousands and thousands of free games available for iPhone users but every one of those users wants the best games. So in this post I am going to discuss the list of Best Free Games For iPhone

1. Tap Tap Revenge

I think this game is the best of the bests and will perfectly fit in your life! It is a dainty game and once you will start playing it, you will feel addicted to it.

2. Live Poker

You might already been playing this game on Facebook or on MySpace. This game has already proven its ground on the best social networking sites. There are more than 2 million active users of this game!

3. MazeFinger

This is a super cool game which offers you more 1,000 mazes which you need to cross. You can also take energy packs and dodge the blockers to find your way through! This game will never let you bore!

4. iGolf

Although the paid version of this game is available but the free version is also super sizzling.You need to just swing your iPhone in the air like you do with a golf stick and then measure the distance and pray that it has got into the hole!


5. Trace

Although the Trace has not got good graphics but believe me it’s a magnanimous piece of work.You should not get fooled by the graphics!

6. Aurora Feint: The Beginning

This is game is available on app store from the first day.It has got too many players which is really amazing for the game which is this much old.You will be able to exercise your mind well by playing this game.

7. Armado Lite

armodo_liteThis is an amazing game which offers you the full dose of entertainment.Its graphics are also upto the mark so all in all you should must try this game.

8. iBowl

It is one of my favorite games on iPhone because of many reasons.It has also got motion gaming which means that you need to swing your iPhone in the bowling action and score as high as possible.

9. Jelly Car

This game just want to put Angry Birds in the staid as both the games are based on the basic concept of physics and according to me both of them are giving neck to neck competition to each other.

10. iBall3D

This is another free motion game in which you need to tilt your iPhone in the angle where you want the ball to go.This is a magnanimous game and I think you all should play this one.

11. Idle Hands

It is an amazing game where you need to type the sentence which the game asks you and then it will calculate how fast have you typed and if you were really fast then you might get iTunes vouchers!

12. RhinoBall

RhinoBall is movie game which means that it is based on a movie.RhinoBall is based on Walt Disney Pictures animated comedy BOLT.

13. Cube Runner

Cube Runner is really simple to play but as the time goes on its level of difficulty also increases.You need to tilt your iPhone to change the directions of the spaceship which you are driving.

14. Lux Touch

Lux Touch is a war game where you need to conquer the world by the help of your strength.It is an amazing game which will definitely be loved by all those who love war games.

15. iBaseball

iBaseball is another motion game in which you need to swing your iPhone like a bat and keep hitting the ball like you do in baseball.

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  1. JoDena says:

    Wow, I am surprised bubble ball is not on there.

  2. Arjun Singh says:

    Thanks for adding another one to the list.. πŸ™‚

  3. fajariady says:

    nice site, very usefull

  4. cyberbob says:

    If i choose to play one of the game from this list i will choose poker…i love that game

  5. I don’t hv any iPhone or smartphone.. Akshya, when you are going to giveaway an iPhone to me.. :p πŸ˜‰

  6. I’ve heard that Live Poker is the best, of course, for more matured players but for kids like mine Armado Lite is what I really recommend, your kids will have tons of fun playing that game. The rest is new to me… and I think I should try it. Thanks!

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