Best Free Antivirus For Android Smartphones

Android smart phones are one of the most popular gadgets after iPhone. But these are the main target of hackers now a day. Having an Android smart phone means you are vulnerable to many internet threats. According to the latest reports, Android phones are most vulnerable to hackers. If you want to protect you smart phone from these kinds of internet threats, you must use a good antivirus in your phone. Many security companies have launched protection suits for Android phones. These are some famous free antivirus programs for Android phones which can help you to protect your android phone.

1. AVG AntiVirus-free: This free antivirus application protects your smart phone against harmful SMS & Apps automatically. It protects your phone from viruses, malware & exploits in real-time. It has a trust of AVG which is also one of most trusted antivirus for PC security.

Avg antivirusDownload

2. NetQin Security & Anti-virus: This is one of the most famous mobile protection software which is also available for Android smart phones. This is a free mobile security solution which offers full protection against all type of threats including viruses, malware and spyware. It has a lot of security and optimization features for your Android smart phones.


3. Antivirus Free: This is a fast and lightweight antivirus protection for Android phone. It scans all your installed applications and uses 0.1% of your battery. It offers you malware protection, spyware protection and trojan protection 24 hours a day.

antivirus free

4. GuardX Antivirus: GuardX is a free antivirus app for your Android smart phone. Keep your antivirus database updated and protect your smart phone from almost all the latest internet threats. It gives your android phone a real-time protection against malware.

guardx antivirus

These are 4 free antivirus applications for Android smart phones. You can download it for free and start protecting your phone and data against internet threats.

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