Best Free Alternative Web Browsers for Android Users

One of the great things about an open platform like Android is the ability to find a replacement app for any function your unhappy with. Even the most basic functions of a smartphone such as the dialer, sms functionality and the web browser have numerous apps that give you options. Here is a look at three feature packed alternative browsers for Android.

web browser for android

1. Skyfire

Skyfire is a free browser alternative for Android that focuses on the social aspect of web browsing. Skyfire offers a unique set of tools that allow you to share webpages with friends via the most popular distribution channels like Facebook and Twitter. Skyfire also has the unique ability to play flash content even on devices with specs too low to take advantage of the flash plug in. This works by transcoding and compressing the video on the fly into a format your hardware can better handle. Skyfire is a great browser for older Android users who have lower specs and still want flash, or who just like to share what they find on the web with friends quickly and easily.

Download: SkyFire

2. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a free browser alternative developed by the same company that makes the fan favorite Opera browser on windows and mac.  Opera is also the company that creates browser for the various Nintendo consoles such as the DSi and Wii. Opera Mini is designed entirely around speed and low bandwidth use. The way it works is Opera’s servers compress the entire webpage before sending it to you making it smaller so it loads faster and takes less bandwidth. Opera Mini is the perfect browser for those concerned with bandwidth caps or those who want the absolute fastest browser available.

Download: Opera Mini

3. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is a free alternative browser for Android that’s extremely powerful and features dozen of useful plug-ins. While it isn’t the fastest browser what it lacks in speed it more than makes up for in features. Dolphin Browser HD features awesome plug-ins like the ability to use your accelerometer to switch tabs by flicking the phone. Another cool feature is the gesture bar, which allows you to navigate a page using gesture you created yourself. Dolphin Browser HD is the perfect option for anyone who wants the most powerful feature packed web browser available for android.

Download: Dolphin Browser HD

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  1. B. Jack says:

    hi I never use skyfire or dolphin browser till now. But I used Opera mini and firefox and also I like both opera and firefox.

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