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Being fit, is becoming a big trend these days.  A research shows that people who work out in the morning are more active in comparison to the ones who don’t. Now even if you plan your fitness routine, you sometimes miss out your workouts, forget it, or leave it because of your laziness. If you have an iPhone, it will help you in doing it. Let’s find out how.

Now obviously the phone won’t kick you and force you for doing a workout, but it can easily remind you or encourage you. This will be done with the help of Applications(apps).

  1. Pedometer Pro: This app is simply fantastic, it says that every person should walk 10,000 steps a day. You can start your journey by hitting the button given in that app. You can keep this app running in your phone. Now if you’re worried about carrying the phone, then you should not. You can keep your phone with this app running in your jacket pocket, pants, bag, purse, hand or arm, the app supports all. This app calculates the distance you walked, counts calories burned, steps frequency calculation and a lot more than stated here.
  2. Nike+ Running: As you already know, Nike and sports accessories have deep relation, so why should Nike stay behind in Fitness apps? With this app, you can map your trails via GPS, share on Facebook, add music which can motivate you via the Powermusic feature or add your own playlist. Overall, this app is pretty amazing, it’s stable and easy to use.
  3. Moves: Moves is a very simple and basic application. It tracks your movement and acts like a pedometer. It counts each of your step and can easily differentiate between walking, cycling or running. At the end of the day, it gives you good review about your steps. The only thing that worries me is about moving in a car, train or any other vehicle. GPS will track the movement and count it in cycling or running, I hope they come up with a solution with the consequences.
  4. My Diet Coach: This application is specially for female fitness freaks. My Diet Coach will motivate you to fight laziness, nourish your meal, reminds you when necessary, shows you motivational photos. This app is all in one for the ladies who want to lose their weight and get themselves fit using nutritious diet.
  5. Power Yoga: This app basically enhances flexibility through a vigorous workout. It focuses on the postures you make while doing Yoga. The app believes in right breathing so it also tells you when to inhale and when to exhale. The workout suggested out in the app can also be done at home which means you don’t have to go and hit the gym or pack your bag and go to the garden.


While making out the list, I had only one thing in my mind and that was how can technology affect our lives in a positive manner and I was literally bowed after finding these apps. These apps are great and are must have for an iPhone user.

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